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Moneyball contra Moneyball Applesauce: Which supercomputer will reign supreme? Which team will Reyes end up with? Which agent will Yunel Escobar fire?

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Meet the Mets

Geeks across the globe will close their Excel spreadsheets, put down their king-size bag of Salsa Verde Doritos, and venture out of their mother's basement to actually watch a baseball game. Yes, the Athletics will do battle with the Mets. The computer that wrote Moneyball is furiously calculating the computations necessary for to create a new epilogue for the 3rd Edition paperback.

[Professor Farnsworth] Good news everyone! [/Professor Farnsworth] The Mets can spend money on real live baseball players. I have a suggestion, spend some money on this one.

Jose Reyes is making up ground on Tulo in the All-Star balloting. You know what to do.

Anthony Dicomo talks triples at Never guess whose name comes up.

Jon Heyman talks trade candidates at Never guess whose name comes up.

The Mets announced some draft pick signings. Including some guys that are already rostered at Brooklyn, in case you thought they were playing for free.

Adam Rubin lobby for Dillon Gee as Rookie of the Year. Hasn't been a great year for NL rookies, and he does have the all-important WINZ. Danny Espionsa has the DINGERZ, though, so who knows which way the BBWAA will go. 

Lucas Duda has no confidence is the new Mike Pelfrey is a headcase.

The Village Voice weighs in on a potential Reyes trade. I think that covers every English-language press outfit in NYC now.

Around the NL East

Jack McKeon is the new manager of the Marlins. He managed Orlando Cepeda, by the way. (that means he's old) In his first act of manager, he benched Hanley Ramirez for getting to the stadium late. In his day, everyone got to the stadium on time, even though they had to take the Union Pacific. (hee hee, old) AA's own Matthew Callan sums the controversy up nicely.

Oh, the Marlins did play a game last night, too. They lost, again.

Tim Hudson threw eight shutout innnings and plated the games only run with a solo shot. Hate the Braves. Hate the Braves.

Fangraphs' Reed McPhail takes a look at why realignment might be a good thing for the NL East. Also at fangraphs, Dave Cameron writes about why Shane Victorino is better than Ryan Howard. Obligatory #6 org joke.

Beyond the Box Score builds the NL East dream roster. Not too many Mets, but not much room for argument either.

Around MLB

And at least we aren't the Dodgerswho had the kibosh put on their shady deal with FOX. Craig Calcaterra has done his usual excellent work on this story, and breaks down the next steps at Hardball Talk. Spoiler Alert: People will be sued by other people. For an even more thorough take down of McCourt, there is this.

The Dodgers won on the field, at least, as Clayton Kershaw took over the top spot on the MLB strike out leaderboard, fanning 11 in a two-hit shutout of the Tigers.

The Big Red Sox Machine keeps rolling on. They put up a ten spot in the seventh inning and rolled over the Padres 14-5.

The Blue Jays extended Yuniel Escobar in a truly weird, below market deal. In unrelated news, Alex Gonzalez's OBP is .284.

The Legend of Sam Fuld takes a turn for the surreal.

Albert Pujols' forearm will keep him out 4-6 weeks.

Finally, The Hardball Times takes a look back at the franchise move that almost were.