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This Week In SNY, Featuring Hideous Craig Kimbrel Mohawks, A Classy Braves Cameraman, And Burkhardt In The Booth

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What are people saying about This Week In SNY?

"I would take TWIS over Jose Reyes, but not Derek Jeter." -- anonymous scout, via Jon Heyman

"I don't own Amazin' Avenue. I don't own anything about it. I just know that this is the greatest feature ever!" -- Giuseppe Franco

"Stop being so mean to Kev Burkhardt, he is ADORBS!" -- my 8 year-old niece

"I've been a big fan of This Week In SNY ever since the fifth installment in May 2011. Before that, I didn't really understand any of the work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was in May when TWIS developed its remarkably sophomoric sense of humor. No fart joke is passed up, no opportunity to lampoon the absurdity of sideline reporter/actor bromance is overlooked. It's a true laugh riot." -- Patrick Bateman

"Good blog; sh*tty feature, but good blog." -- Fred Wilpon

Monday, June 13th

Let's check in with Kevin! Our man KB joined Gary and Keith in the booth:


He did play-by-play, reported on Sandy Alderson's press conference earlier in the day and provided opinion -- a jack-of-all-trades. Touch 'em all Kevin, you deserve it!

Tuesday, June 14th

All eyes were on Burkhardt during this fourth inning report but they should have been on the tobacco-packing Braves cameraman in the background:


As a sports television employee, he should have known Burkhardt's role and surmised that he too was on-air. Apparently he did not -- he spit in his dip cup and ewwwww:


TWIS has covered the Kevin Burkhardt-Stephen Collins bromance here and here, and if Twitter is to be believed, the two finally met face-to-face in Atlanta:



Word is they were discussing plans for their new SNY show, 7th Inning Heaven.

Here is the Braves' take on the "giant object run" that so many teams now feature:


Gary Cohen: "From the brilliance of the sausage race in Milwaukee, to the 'eh' of the pierogi race in Pittsburgh, to the absolutely heinous tool race here in Atlanta. I mean this is just awful."

Ron Darling: "There's a lot of anger out there! I guess if you had to wear that suit you'd be angry too."

Here is a collage of Braves fans emulating Craig Kimbrel's modified mohawk, starting with a shot of the original:





Wednesday, June 15th

We've defended Angel Pagan in the past for his supposed baserunning deficiencies but this past week didn't help his cause. Here he is failing to slide on a stolen base attempt -- he was out on the play:


But on Saturday, Pagan decided to slide into home despite a lack of play at the plate:


Notice Lucas Duda with the very large "stay up" signal. The mixed up baserunning of Angel E. Pagan.

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