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Thursday Morning Applesauce: Walk off win, Reyes for MVP, Davis done?

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Justin Turner managed to get in the way of a perfectly good pitch last night to end the game in smiles for the Mets.  It was nice to see the Mets win the extra inning affair, and K-rod managed to keep his vest from getting any closer in the process.

The news of the day wasn't so good for Ike Davis.  After being examined by Mets doctors (yikes), Davis will wait three weeks before resuming running.  He will be re-evaluated at that point, but season ending surgery is an option.  Luckily for us, Omar Minaya won't be there to rush him back in September and possibly ruin him too.

The NY Post seems to be coming around to the idea that Jose Reyes may be pretty good.  Next they'll have some radical idea that he may be worth keeping in Queens (I imagine that's why the poll is there).  SB Nation takes a look at one place Reyes won't be traded.

Despite their financial woes, the Mets still managed to donate some money to a good cause.  Rumor has it that Crlos Beltran was asked to present the check but was selfishly performing charity work elsewhere.  Jerk.

Around MLB:

After having their deal with Fox rejected, it appears the Dodgers may not make payroll at the end of the month.  MLB may look to sell the team, and at least one guy appears interested in buying.  Some on field news for the Dodgers, Jonathon Broxton appears close to returning to the bullpen with some velocity.

Former Met farmhand Willy Mo Pena returned to the majors with a bang.  I always had a soft spot for Pena, and wished he wasn't rushed to the majors the way he was.

Finally, Fangraphs takes a look at trading a shortstop who's not Jose Reyes.  It will be nice to see him not being the hot name on the rumor mill for a while.