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Mets Player Performance Meter, Week 11

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Go Big Pelf. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Go Big Pelf. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A week ago, the Mets had finally achieved an even .500 record, but it's been another up and down week since then. Poor starts by Dillon Gee and Jon Niese coupled with poor showings by the hitters combined for two dull losses on Sunday and Tuesday, but this morning the Mets sit two games below .500.

They're in fourth place in the division, behind the surging Nationals but well ahead of the sinking Marlins, and are six games behind the Braves for the wild card. With the bad news about Ike Davis's injury, the odds of the Mets making a serious run at the wild card look pretty slim, even if everything else breaks their way.

The stats below cover June 16 through June 22.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Manny Acosta He wasn't the Acostalypse in all of his four appearances, and for that, he gets a pass on the week.
Jason Bay, LF A week after doubting his ability to earn the green arrow, Bay finally had two extra-base hits and hit .320/.346/.520. More of this, please.
Pedro Beato, RP The strikeouts are back, and perhaps the pre-injury Beato is back.
Carlos Beltran, RF The .868 OPS was almost exactly in line with his mark on the season, and that's fantastic. This team would be nowhere near .500 without Voltron.
Taylor Buchholz, RP Still on the DL.
Tim Byrdak, RP Byrdak quietly had another great week without allowing a run to score in 2.2 innings.
Chris Capuano, SP Just another good start from Capuano, who's now second on the team in xFIP.
D.J. Carrasco, RP Getting things figured out in Buffalo suddenly seems to have not happened.
Ike Davis, 1B Season-ending surgery sounds more likely than a return. Yikes.
R.A. Dickey, SP 13 striekouts in 12 innings over two starts for Dickey, and last night he was dominant.
Lucas Duda On a team sorely lacking power, Duda's .273 SLG didn't help. On the upside, he got on base nearly fourty percent of the time.
Dillon Gee, SP Gee's been due for some ERA regression for a while, but walking six batters in four innings isn't exactly how I expected it to happen.
Scott Hairston, OF Hairston got 10 at-bats this week and hit another home run, which helped give him an even 1.000 OPS.
Willie Harris, OF Harris went 3-for-4 in his rightfully limited playing time.
Jason Isringhausen, RP Two scoreless appearances later, I'm still never quite sure what to expect when Izzy comes into the game.
Daniel Murphy, 2B The team's first baseman for the foreseeable future put up a slash of .130/.125/.261.
Jon Niese, SP The Angels got a few soft hits off Niese, but he definitely wasn't sharp in his outing, either.
Angel Pagan, CF I'll take a .391 OBP and two successful stolen base attempts from Angel any week. Would have been nice to see some pop in his bat, but oh well.
Bobby Parnell, RP It's been a shaky year from the beginning for Parnell, but in three innings he gave up only one run.
Ronny Paulino He got the majority of the playing time because the Mets faced a few lefties, and his .771 OPS works for a catcher.
Mike Pelfrey, SP Pelfrey's ERA continues to decline, this time thanks to a complete game in which he struck out five and gave up only a run.
Jason Pridie, CF He hit a single in four at-bats, and he's clearly the fifth outfielder right now.
Jose Reyes, SS Reyes appears to have disabled the pop-up blocker in the browser that is his swing, but he escapes the red arrow because he hit two triples and went 4-for-4 in stolen base attempts.
Francisco Rodriguez, RP Frankie pitched twice and blew the save each time, allowing three runs in two innings of work.
Ruben Tejada The more time Tejada spends at the plate, the more evident it becomes that he's overmatched by major league pitching.
Josh Thole, C He didn't play very much but went 2-for-5 with two walks.
Justin Turner, 2B He didn't hit much but drew his fair share of walks and a game-winning hit by pitch to keep himself productive at the plate.
David Wright, 3B Really hoping Wright's injury update is better than Ike's was.