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Mets Trivia Contest #3 Winner: 1986 Mets DVD Set

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In celebration of Father's Day rapidly approaching, we gave away Mets 1986 DVD sets each of the three weeks leading up to the big day. Last week's trivia contest winner is WrightHOF, who correctly answered all ten questions and was fortunate enough to be selected by the randomizer. This was a tough one; there were only four flawless entries. Full answers can be found after the jump.

Q: What was the largest division lead the 2006 Mets had at any point that season?

A: 16.5 games, which they held on seven different occasions and for the last time on 12 September after a 6-4 win over the Marlins.

Q: Off of whom did Jose Reyes record his first major league hit?

A: John Thomson, on 6/10/2003.

Q: Which Mets manager has the most losses?

A: Bobby Valentine, 467.

Q: Which Met has the most seasons with at least 90 runs and at least 90 RBI?

A: David Wright, 4 (2005-2008).

Q: Who was the last Mets batter to be hit by two pitches in the same game?

A: Fernando Tatis, on 7/2/1999.

Q: Who holds the Mets record for most pitches in a game?

A: I threw out this question after the fact because Baseball-Reference has incomplete pitch data. The record among games they have data for is held by David Cone, 166 pitches on 7/17/1992 in a 1-0 shutout of the Giants.

Q: Who holds the Mets record for highest game score in a postseason game?

A: Jon Matlack, 89 on 10/7/1973 in Game 2 of the NLCS against the Reds.

Q: What is the Mets record for most team hits (i.e., hits by the whole team) in a nine-inning game?

A: 23, last accomplished on 4/29/2000 in a 13-6 win against the Rockies. The record for an extra-innings game is 28, on 7/4/1985, a 16-13 win over the Braves in nineteen innings.

Q: How many multi-home-run games does Darryl Strawberry have as a Met?

A: 22. Here they are.

Q: Who was the youngest Met to ever hit a home run?

A: Ed Kranepool, 18 years, 162 days, on 4/19/1963 against the Milwaukee Braves.