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Friday Morning Applesauce: Mets take series, K-rod approaches half of his vest, Reyes is a hero

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The Mets won in only nine inning yesterday afternoon, defeating the A's by a score of 4-1.  K-rod converted the save last night, giving him 27 games finished on the season.  Despite his self acknowledged patheticness, that figure still puts him on pace to reach his very lucrative vest.

The Mets received some good news on the injury front yesterday.  David Wright has been cleared to resume baseball activities, meaning the stress fracture suffered from carrying the Mets for several seasons is actually healing.  While this is excellent news, it still puts Wright several weeks away from being back on the baseball field in Queens.  Luckily for us, that will still have him healthy in time for the trade deadline so that we can hear loads of "TRAID WRIGHT" garbage from the MSM.

Speaking of traids, rumor mill fodder Jose Reyes was apparently an idol of A's rookie Jamile Weeks.  Weeks had the opportunity to meet Reyes this week and seemed to genuinely enjoy it.  Some members of the MSM still don't get it however.

Former Met John Maine of habitual lying fame may be retiring due to his injuries.  Fangraphs takes a look back at one of Omar Minaya's better moves.  While we're on the rare good moves by Minaya, Two Mets farmhands will be representing the club in the futures game.  Matt Harvey and Jeffry Marte will be playing in Arizona with a chance to impress a more national audience.

Around MLB:

The big news of the day involved Nats manager Jim Riggleman.  Riggleman stepped down after the Nats refused to talk about his contract with him.  It's certainly an interesting road to take in negotiations, although it's not the one I think I'd have taken.

Tim Lincecum had a nice night for the Giantsstriking out 12 batters.  Roy Oswalt may not have been as happy, as he found out he's going to be missing his next start with back issues.

I troubled ownership news, Frank McCourt doesn't seem to have the support of FOX if he wants to try to circumvent MLB in getting his TV deal approved.  With payroll being an issue in the impending days, Jose Reyes may be pushed to the back burner some as a "hot topic".

Finally, Roger Clemens may make his upcoming trial a little more of a media feeding frenzy than it already was.  His lawyers were granted access to some documents MLB had from it's steroid probe, so one can only imagine that this issue will be pushed back to the forefront as more information inevitably gets leaked.