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Nick Evans in Primetime Applesauce: Bisons baseball on SNY, Reyes closes the gap, LeatherRocket lifts off

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Yeah, I'm back on the bandwagon, .294 OPS be damned. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Yeah, I'm back on the bandwagon, .294 OPS be damned. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
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Meet the Mets

A day off from actual baseball does not mean a day off from wild speculation about potential Mets deadline deals. Today's suitor, the Texas Rangers! They are interested in Beltran and K-Rod. Or maybe they aren't interested in Beltran and K-Rod. Who to believe, Scott Boras Jon Heyman or Nolan Ryan? At least it isn't another Reyes rumor.

Here's John Sickels' list of the Rangers Top 20 Prospects for reference anyway. The top 5 there are probably untouchable for a rental, though if the Mets eat enough salary, they might be able to get Mike Olt. I might target Neil Ramirez who is close to major league ready and is having a good year despite being rushed into the tough environs of the PCL. Control is still a bit of an issue, but he gained a large chunk of velocity this year, and his curve and change both project as above average pitches.

There may have been no Mets game, but SNY kindly preempted their 451st showing of the 1964 Mets Yearbook to show some Bisons baseball as Buffalo took on the Norfolk Tides. The Bisons beat the former Mets affiliate 4-3. Mark Cohoon, Amazin Avenue's preseason #20 prospect, got the start and made his best AAA start thus far, though that is not saying much. I will further step on Pack's toes by pointing out that Nick Evans extended his AAA hit streak to 17 games, and is hitting over .500 since being set back down.

Buffalosauce would also like you to note that Chris Schwinden won his second pitcher of the week award

On the MLB side of things, The Mets start a three game series with the Detroit Tigers, leaders of the AL Central. Detroit comes in having won three straight. 

Reyes continues to cut into Troy Tulowitzki's lead in the all-star voting. You know what to do. And if you've already done it, find another computer to do it on. It's not all peaches and cream, though, as Reyes has struggled a bit from the right side lately. Okay, maybe we are grasping at straws a bit there.

ESPNNY's Mark Simon reminisces about Davey Johnson. I want a copy of the 1984 Information Guide. Is that an Amiga or a Commodore 64 Davey is using on the cover?

Ted Berg is back from vacation (just about) and talking Taco Bell and Dodger Stadium.

Mets' fifth round pick Jack Leathersich has apparently signed. He says that he will be assigned to Brooklyn in the coming days. For more on Leathersich, check out Alex's scouting report.

Fear and Faith in Flushing continues their look back at the best games in Mets' history, game by game.


Around the NL East

Quiet night in the NL East with just two games on the slate. Davey Johnson's managerial debut was spoiled in extras by Maicer Izturis. In sunnier news for the Nats, Steven Strasburg threw a bullpen session.

Why couldn't our scouts find Brandon Beachy? Better question: How did 29 other teams miss on Brandon Beachy?

Placido Polanco will likely be the NL's starting third baseman in the all-star game, despite being the fourth best third baseman in his division.

Meanwhile, Dave Cameron gushes about Roy Halladay at fangraphs. But I thought Oliver Perez was the modern day Sandy Koufax. 

The Marlins were off yesterday, but would like to remind you that their manager is old.


Around MLB

The big news of the day was the Los Angeles Dodgers filing for bankruptcy protection. Craig Calcaterra has been all over this story, pointing out stupid things Frank McCourt is sayingpointing out stupid loans Frank McCourt is takingand reporting on an exasperated Bud Selig. I'm not a sophisticated man, I'm just a caveman. I fell on some ice and later got thawed out by some of your scientists. Your world frightens and confuses me. Still, I am pretty sure this whole thing is going to end in a protracted, acrimonious legal fight. At least that is one thing Frank McCourt is experienced with.

The whole bankruptcy thing didn't seem to bother the Dodgers offense at least.

Third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall is the latest highly ranked prospect to get the call, as he joined the Indians last night. He went 2-4 as the Tribe kept pace with the Tigers.

Mike Leake hurled six strong as the Reds blanked the Rays.

Dave Allen takes a look at how realignment and a balanced schedule might affect team travel.

The Cubs used the longball to beat the Rockies as Carlos Pena and Aramis Ramirez each homered twice. Carlos Gonzalez added two home runs for the Rockies, too. How often have three players hit multiple home runs in one game? More often then you might think, Baseball-Reference reports. Coors Field features prominently, of course.