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Mets Daily Farm System Report 6/29 -- Nick Freakin' Evans

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*All results from games played on Tuesday, June 28th 2011

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AAA - Buffalo Bisons (34-46)_______________________________________

LEHIGH VALLEY 6, BUFFALO 3 (Box) The best fences, as we're aware, are pig tight, horse high, and bull strong. But who among us knows how slippery, tall, or powerful is an IronPig? Not the Bison nine, who let slip seven singles, a double, and a bye-bye blast as part of a rail-shattering six-to-three defeat. Have you heard of a galumphing youngster named Nick Evans? He used to play for the Mets. He sucked. His 2011 batting average was .000. It's an outmoded statistic, but he still might have done better. Well, Nicholas R. Evans in the upstate air has grown Babe Ruth arms and Ted Williams wrists. In the month of June, Evans has a pounded out a .489/.566/.733 line and hit in 18 consecutive ballgames, this one no exception. Leading off the fourth he applied the big Evans swat, circling the bases to cut the IronPig lead to a pair. After some station-to-station scrambling in the fifth, Luis Figueroa chased home Mike Nickeas to bring the Herd within a run. But that's the closest they'd get; Figueroa killed a two out ninth-inning rally and cinched the loss with a whiff. Shame.

  • RF Fernando Martinez: 0-4
  • 1B Nick Evans: 2-4, R, HR, RBI, K
  • 3B Zach Lutz: As Rob mentioned yesterday, Zach hits the DL after suffering a concussion on the ball to the bean. Really sucky.
  • LHP Jack Egbert: 5 IP, 4 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 1 K, 1 HR; Staten Island's own is just getting back into the swing of things. He's walked 6 and struck out 3 in 9.1 innings in Buffalo.

AA - Binghamton Mets (28-47)_____________________________________

It's a quarter to midnight and the boys are still playing the second half of a bargain bill, but hell I'm starting this. It looks like they'll lose the second game. They're down 4-2 in the seventh (last) inning and a man named C. Ruffin is pitching for the Sea Wolves. They won the first, though, 6-3. Satin plated Valdespin in the first inning and Den Dekker in the third inning after the latter's three-cushion scramble. Then, in the fourth, Raul Reyes singled to incredibly named Erie right fielder Deik Scram, establishing runners at the corners for Jose Coronado to bump one home and load em up. Den Dekker shamefully went down looking, but Valdespin heroically reached on a throwing error that scored two runs. Raul Reyes later homered. That was enough. OK, back to the second game. My predictive powers were not wrong. Den Dekker got another hit, which is good; stole a base too. Raul Reyes also hit, spelling a big day, were he not caught stealing and caught leaning in the same game. Wait a minute, in keeping with the real-time nature of this recap I just learned something. If you're the runner at first and the pitcher throws behind you, and you break for second, you can get charged with a pick off and a caught stealing on the same play?



  • 3B Josh Satin: 0-3, BB, K
  • CF Matt Den Dekker: 1-3, BB, K, SB(2); hey, there's that BB!
  • DH Allan Dykstra: 1-2, HR(8), RBI, K
  • SS Jordany Valdespin: 0-4
  • RHP Brad Holt: 2 IP, 0 ER, 0 H, 3 BB, 4 K, 2 WP; Curiouser and curiouser
  • Hi-A St. Lucie Mets (3-2)________________________________________

    ST. LUCIE 1, BRADENTON 8 (Box) Our only run broke the ice. RHP Kyle Allen was cooking with gas, sidestepping a pair of free passes with a strike-em-out-throw-em-out and 6-4-3 job. In the top of the third, Cesar Puello was plunked with with a fastball and pushed to second before coming around to score on a bolt that hopped the wall. Robbie Shields jogged proudly into second... and then dejectedly to the dugout. Neither he nor anyone else would return to the counting house, unless of course we count the Marauders. TO MARAUD, verb: Roam in search of things to steal or people to attack. Hope, for instance, and Mets pitchers. Shield your eyes against the below.

    Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats (5-1)__________________________________

    SAVANNNAH 5, ROME 3 (Box) It's about damn time that Darrell Ceciliani had the game his adoring fans deserve. It wasn't a gobsmacker. He ain't Nick Evans. But Darrell in the leadoff spot coaxed a walk and the mill began to grind. Not until the seventh would the Sand Gnats throw up their first number, and that was a "2," the number of men driven home on a 2-base Ceciliani knock. The Romans led by a run now, and two innings later the Gnats would take their last shot. Sammy Honeck singled and was sac'd over for Alonzo Harris to drive home. Harris, who was put into scoring position on a throwing error, crossed the plate for the go-ahead run on a Luis Nievas liner to left. One out now, Darrell at the plate. Does he swing for the fences? Does he strike out? None of the above. He takes a walk, extending the inning for a Tovar ground-out to add a bit of breathing space for his relief corps. See what I'm saying? One small step toward Brooklyn Darrell.

    Short Season A- Brooklyn Cyclones (8-4)_______________________________________

    BROOKLYN 1, ABERDEEN 0 (Box) Mexican southpaw Carlos Vasquez tossed five shut out innings and a tandem of Tovar, Carnevale, and Chism stuck a cork in 'er. None of the Brooklyn hurlers were touched for more than two hits and they combined to issue just one free pass. As for our Brooklyn bangers, 3B Richard Lucas roped a liner to right field and came around to score on RF Charles Thurber's double to the gap. ...And that was that. Cylcones cinched the game on a swinging strike out with two men aboard, but really should have noticed that the IronBirds had batted out of order. Oh, the New York Penn League.

    • DH Brian Harrison: 1-4
    • CF Travis Taijeron: It is incredibly confusing that there is a Taijeron (CF) and a Tijerina (SS). The latter sounds like a girl version of the former but it isn't true. This guys (Taijeron) didn't play and the other guy (Tijerina) we don't cover at the moment, though he went 0-3 with a BB and K.
    • CF Chase Greene: 0-1, 2 BB
    • LHP Carlos Vazquez: 5 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 2 K
    Applachian League (R)- Kingsport Mets (4-4)_______________________________________

    Gulf Coast League (R)- GCL Mets (4-2)_______________________________________

    It's 12:33 pm and the game, stuck between the first and second, says "suspended" rather than "postponed." That can't be right. The GCL Fans have to go to their GCL workplaces tomorrow morning.

    Beaming Star of the Night

    Nothing too major here, nothing so important that I can't drape a medal on Erie right fielder Deik Scram, right?. The lad is on facebook; he enjoys baseball and working out. I wonder if he's ever thought about how short a syllable "Deik" is and how long a syllable "Scram." Ahh, nahh, I'll give it to Nick Evans, also on facebook... like a hundred times.

    Stinking Goat of the Night

    The St. Lucie lineup and pitching staff are stinking goats all. The men we cover were 1-18, and you can be sure we cover all the best men. And RHP Kyle Allen? Pttwwphhhhh.