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Thursday Morning Applesauce: Mets offense sets four game record, Beltran would ok trade, Nick Freakin' Evans

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The Mets again beat the Tigers, this time to the tune of 16-9.  The offense has been unstoppable lately, recording a franchise record 52 runs in a four game span.  The Post seems to think that the reason the Mets are now playing so well lies squarely on the back of Jose Reyes.

Carlos Beltran would ok a trade to a contender if he's asked.  It will be a sad day in Flushing if this does in fact happen, and unfortunately some will likely be glad to see him go.

Speaking of trades, Detroit beat writers started asking Jose Reyes his thoughts on Detroit.  I'd expect to see these types of articles every time we play a new team, as everyone could use Reyes.  While we're on Reyes, the NL All Star SS race is heating up.  Voting closes tonight, so vote Reyes now.

Nick Freakin' Evans

The NY times is still fascinated that the Mets hit two grand slams in seven at bats Tuesday.  Frankly, so am I.

Fangraphs has a little fun with some bad contracts.  Barry Zito never looked so good...

Three Binghamton Mets were named Eastern League All-Stars

Willie Harris has returned to New York to deal with the birth of his child.  Best wishes go out to Willie from all Mets fans.

Around the NL East:

The Phillies again beat the Red Sox, this time to the tune of 2-1.

Atlanta stayed hot, winning 5-3 to sweep the Mariners.

Washington didn't fare so well, getting beat 1-0 by 2010 trade deadline bargain Dan Haren.  They also added JC Romero on a minor league deal yesterday.

The Marlins recent struggles aren't quite as bad when Ricky Nolasco pitches well.  The fish won 3-0, and also received some positive news about Josh Johnson.

Around MLB:

Former #3 overall pick Donovan Tate was suspended for 50 games for repeated recreational drug use.  He's being credited 25 of those games for his participation in the MILB rehab program earlier this season (which doesn't seem to have done the trick).

The Cardinals released former closer Ryan Franklin.  He might be an interesting guy to add to the Buffalo bullpen.

The Red Sox decided to use Adrian Gonzalez in right field against the Phillies to make room for David Ortiz.  Peter Gammons suggests that Carlos Beltran isn't going to be the answer there in the rematch if this is, in fact, a World Series preview.  Gammons also hinted that John Lackey may be headed to Tommy John surgery.