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Help Wanted: Wednesday & Weekend Applesauce Threads

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With the announcement last week that Joe Budd was moving on to bigger and better things (i.e., a real job), we need to carry on his Applesauce legacy and, if possible, expand it to include weekend updates as well. We've already filled four days from within our ranks:

Monday: Jeff Paternostro
Tuesday: Jeff Paternostro
Thursday: Steve Schmidt
Friday: Steve Schmidt

We're looking for able-minded candidates to cover Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, so we're dipping into our talented pool of readers and commenters to fill those spots. All excellent candidates will be considered, but a history within the Amazin' Avenue community is strongly preferred.

  • The position is unpaid, but it's a great opportunity to hone your writing skills in front of a guaranteed daily audience numbering in the thousands.
  • A firm grasp of and respect for the English language is a non-negotiable requirement.
  • We will consider one person for all three days or three people for one day apiece. The former is preferred but not considerably so.
  • You must be available to post the Applesauce thread by 9am ET on your assigned day(s). The posts can be scheduled so you don't actually need to be available at 9am to publish them.
  • You should have a good feel for other baseball sites, both statistically inclined and traditional, plus be able to identify high-quality posts from other Mets blogs.
  • A willingness to use your real name on the site is strongly preferred.

Interested parties should e-mail us and include:

  1. Your name and daily availability (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday).
  2. Your tenure and involvement with Amazin' Avenue, if any.
  3. A sample Applesauce post that could reasonably have been published that day.

We're looking to fill the open spots this week so the sooner we hear from you the better.