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Don't Trade Dickey Applesauce: Mets win, ESPN annoys, Zambrano pouts

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 (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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Meet the Mets

The Mets won the rubber game against the Braves last night, though you'd be forgiven for not realizing there was a game going on in between all the discussion of the Mets' finances and where Jose Reyes will be playing in August. Luckily, we saw at least one sane man in a sea of chaos (and empty seats).

Not all good news as Carlos Beltran fouled a ball off his shin and had to leave the game. X-rays were negative, but we still might need to deal with a couple days of Willie Harris. I am sure somehow we will make it through.

Forbes tries to put Mets fans back on prozac by suggesting that Reyes and Beltran could decide the AL East. How about Jose decides the NL East for the next six years or so? He's pretty good, you know. Like really good.

But don't worry, because Ruben Tejada will be just like Jose Reyes, right? 

Speaking of stupid trades. Bill Madden thinks the Mets should trade David Wright. And then compares him to Hubie Brooks.

Oh, and you guys wouldn't be interested in ten minutes of R.A. Dickey talking about the knuckleball and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, would you? Never mind, forgot where I was. 


MLB Draft

The MLB Rule 4 Draft is tonight. Looks like UCLA's Gerrit Cole will go number one overallOr maybe not, no one seems to know for sure. Jim Bowden thinks the Pirates should take a hitter. So they probably shouldn't do that.

As for the Mets, looks like they have keyed in on one of the two Taylors at #13. My personal pick would be South Carolina prep arm Taylor Guerierri, but Texas RHP Taylor Jungmann seems to be the Mets' preference. He's the more polished arm, and could move fast enough to make a nice troika with Matt Harvey and Jeurys Familia. 

As for the guy making the picks, Andy McCullough has an interesting piece on 'sabermetric icon' Paul Depodesta.

You can follow the draft at here or on the MLB network.



Hey, do you remember when Albert Pujols was feeling all that pressure from not signing an extension? Neither do I. And of course Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano took the loss well.

Extra! Extra! John Lackey wasn't terrible.

In less shocking news, Jake Peavy left his start with groin tightness. I'm sure everything will be fine and he won't miss a start or ten. 

Well, at least we won one more game against the Pirates than the Phillies did.

Sin Shoo Choo blames his DUI for his struggles this year. 

Finally, Beyond the Box Score takes a look at David Ortiz and Prince Fielder's hot starts. Funny how their fans aren't whining on twitter about how they only are performing because it is a contract year.