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Finding Nimmo Applesauce: Mets take Wyoming Outfielder, Applesauce author makes obvious pun

Meet the (New) Mets

With the 13th pick in the first round, the Mets selected Wyoming High School (sort of) outfielder Brandon Nimmo. I say, sort of, because Wyoming doesn't have high school baseball and possibly isn't even a real state.  Paul Depodesta likes him a lot, though. You can also read Alex's scouting report here. Elsewhere, Ryan Jones at SB Nation New York wonders if he is signable. I think  a deal gets done in the end, though it will be for well above slot. Mike Diaz takes a closer look at Nimmo at  Mets Minors, while Ted Berg is, of course, only excited about the new Taco Bell decor.

With their second pick of the night, the Mets selected Oklahoma High School pitcher Michael Fulmer. Toby Hyde has gathered some of the mavens' opinions for you. I also recommend Alex's profile

In major league news, Carlos Beltran might be back in the line-up tonight.

Seriously, vote for Jose already. This is getting ridiculous.

Terry Collins spent the day off slightly improving performance at local dining establishments. Much more effective than the time Mark Cuban managed a Dairy Queen.

Around MLB

Here's your draft tracker to get you caught up to speed before the next 49 rounds. No big surprises early, though Rendon dropped to sixth, perhaps due to concerns about his shoulder. Lots of pitching went early. And hey, if you want to make fun of Yankees fans, it shouldn't be too hard.

Cliff Lee is good at baseball, unfortunately pitches for Phillies.

Andy Pettitte is retired. Seriously. 

Double dose of bad news for the Marlins. they get swept by the Brewers, and Hanley Ramirez is headed to the DL.

The Indians might be in trouble.

And the sad tale of Lenny Dykstra gets a bit sadder as Nails was arrested on 20 different counts in California.