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2011 MLB Draft Open Thread - Day 2

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Unfortunately, I'm not going to be around today until later in the afternoon—work should be optional on MLB draft day. But when I do arrive later today, I'll be sure to let everyone know who the Mets picked and what I know about them. I may check in once or twice during the day if my schedule allows.

In the meantime, my scouting reports on first-round picks Brandon Nimmo and Michael Fulmer are available. In retrospect, I'm far warmer than I was about the Nimmo pick. Nimmo is exactly the sort of player the previous regime wouldn't have made—Terrasas almost never picked prep position players high, and the only outfielder I can think of off the top of my head is Dan Stegall, whose swing was far more problematic (and unsurprisingly ended in disaster). In that regard,it's refreshing to at least see a new approach.

I'll also post my shadow draft selections later on today. As of right now, my two picks are short Vandy righty Sonny Gray and prep righty Kyle Crick, who's a bit of a project as a starting pitching prospect, but he has a clean arm action and I really love the arm strength and the athleticism. Sometimes, you just get a feeling about a guy.