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Mets 2011 Draft Results, Rounds 1-30

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So I was unable to check into the open thread today due to a truly horrific work schedule, but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion on what the Mets did. Some picks I like, others I'm ambivalent towards, but a couple of threads did emerge: this draft is a lot more athleticism- and youth-oriented than the Terrasas drafts really were. That's good. There were a couple of guys they took a chance on that will take some effort to sign—and there a good chance they won't, no matter their efforts, but it's an improvement on the old regime that seemed so hesitant to take chances.

I'll have more later, but here are the first thirty selections in table form. I'll also have the first scouting report, on second rounder Cory Mazzoni, up shortly.

Num Player School Pos
1 Brandon Nimmo Cheyenne East HS (WY) OF
1S Michael Fulmer Deer Creek HS RHP
2 Cory Mazzoni North Carolina State RHP
3 Logan Verrett Baylor RHP
4 Tyler Pill Cal State-Fullerton RHP
5 Jack Leathersich UMass-Lowell LHP
6 Joe Tuschak Northern Senior HS (PA) OF
7 Cole Frenzel Arizona 1B
8 Danny Muno Fresno State SS
9 Alex Panteliodis Florida LHP
10 Matthew Budgell Woodbridge HS (CA) RHP
11 Christian Montgomery Lawrence Central HS (IN) SS
12 Kenny Mathews Diamond Bar HS (CA) LHP
13 Robert Gsellman Westchester HS (CA) RHP
14 Xorge Carrillo Arizona State C
15 Phillip Evans La Costa Canyon HS (CA) SS
16 Bradley Marquez Odessa HS (TX) CF
17 Jonathan Clark Lee CF
18 Travis Taijeron Cal Poly Pomona CF
19 Dustin Lawley West Florida CF
20 Mason Robbins George County HS (MS) CF
21 John Gant Wiregrass Ranch HS (FL) RHP
22 Casey Turgeon Dunedin HS (FL) SS
23 Jeffrey Diehl Cranston HS West (RI) C
24 Tant Shepherd Texas 1B
25 Andrew Reed Terre Haute South Vigo HS (IN) LHP
26 Casey Hauptman Nebraska RHP
27 Randy Fontanez South Florida RHP
28 Jharel Cotton Miami Dade CC RHP
29 Joshua Ake Hunterdon Central Reg HS (NJ) ss
30 Jacob Hansen FP Walshe HS LHP