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This Week In SNY, Featuring Dickey's Mitt, Kevin Burkhardt And Katy Perry, And Bartolo Colon Picking His Nose

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The Mets went 4-3 on the week but SNY maintained its perfect record, going 7-0.

Sunday, May 29th

One of New York's Finest remained on the field for the first pitch, unaware that the game had started.


Maybe he was attempting to #BlameBeltran up close and personal.

Monday, May 30th

Forgive us for watching the Yankees -- the Mets recently endured a home run drought and we needed a power fix. That, and David Cone is a cool announcer. Here is a bonus moment from the YES Network this week. Bartolo Colon was caught in the act and Cone made a funny:


David Cone: "The Yanks picked a winner when they picked him up in the offseason."

We genuinely admire the enthusiasm of these swashbuckling Pirates fans:


Ron Darling: "They don't look very menacing to me, I'm sorry!"

Recently, SNY cameras have captured the Mets triumphantly walking the runway back to the clubhouse after wins:


This Week In SNY heartily approves of this shot and hopes to see more of it in the future.

Tuesday, May 31st

Mets backstops have special equipment to catch R.A. Dickey:


We don't always buy game-used memorabilia, but when we do, it's a Dickey-engraved giant catcher's mitt.

Let's check in with Kevin! KB used the non-word "irregardless" during an eighth inning report, prompting a fusillade of tweets from Mets fans. His response:


We feel for him, live television can't be a breeze. The grammar mistake in the tweet is also unfortunate. Here's how he should have handled it:


This concludes this week's edition of "Let's check in with Kevin!"

One of Dale Thayer's warmup pitches got away from him. Umpire watch out!


Gary Cohen: "Here's how not to win friends and influence people."

Thursday, June 2nd

Here is Mike Sielski of the Wall Street Journal providing some valuable insider information about Burkhardt:


Perhaps Perry is singing about Burkhardt on her E.T. track?

You're, so, hypnotizing.
Could you be the devil?
Could you be an angel?
Your, touch, magnetizing.

Friday, June 3rd

It's not often that Gary Cohen outshines Keith Hernandez in the fashion department, but on Friday night Gary's pinstriped suit stole the show:


Either SNY is having trouble determining who hits home runs or the engineer is a longtime LARRRRYYYYYY antagonist (that's Chipper Jones rounding third base, folks):


Finally, we end with a shot of aspiring weatherman Jason Bay in the dugout after the game, possibly contemplating the upcoming hurricane season or whether a tropical storm will be named after him:


That's all for now. Send any tips or suggestions to It would be particularly helpful this week, as TWIS will not be able to tune in to SNY until next Monday.