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Mets Trivia Contest Winner: 1986 Mets DVD Set

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With Father's Day rapidly approaching, we're giving away Mets 1986 DVD sets every week until the big day. Last week's trivia contest winner is BobbyV_Incognito, who correctly answered all ten questions and was fortunate enough to be selected by the randomizer. There were ten flawless entries out of the 44 legit submissions. Full answers can be found after the jump.

We'll have this week's contest up later today.

Q: Who was the first Met to hit 20 home runs and steal 20 bases in a season?

A: Tommie Agee, who hit 24 home runs and stole 31 bases in 1970, the Mets' ninth season. Correct Entries: 93%.

Q: Who was the first Met to ever hit a pinch-hit home run?

A: Ed Bouchee, who hit a pinch-hit, three-run home run off the Cardinals' Larry Jackson on 4/18/1962. The Mets were trailing 8-0 at the time. Correct Entries: 70%.

Q: Who holds the Met record for most RBI in a nine-inning game?

A: Carlos Delgado, who knocked in nine runs in a 15-6 win over the Yankees on 6/27/2008. He flied out and struck out in his first two at-bats, then he hit a two-run double off Edwar Ramirez in the 5th, a grand slam off Ross Ohlendorf in the 6th, and a three-run homer off LaTroy Hawkins in the 8th. Luis Castillo and Carlos Beltran scored on all three hits. The next most common response was Dave Kingman, who drove in eight runs against the Dodgers on 6/4/1976. Correct Entries: 43%.

Q: What was the 1962 Mets' longest losing streak?

A: 17 games, from 21 May to 6 June. Correct Entries: 95%.

Q: How many times did the 1986 Mets shut out the opposing team?

A: Eleven times. Here they are. Correct Entries: 84%.

Q: Who is the Mets' career leader in balks?

A: Dwight Gooden, 32. Correct Entries: 91%.

Q: On 21 September 2001, the first game back in New York after 9/11, Mike Piazza hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the eighth inning to give the Mets a 3-2 lead. Who scored ahead of Piazza on his home run?

A: Desi Relaford. Here's the boxscore. A few of you picked Edgardo Alfonzo, who drew a one-out walk in the bottom of the eighth but was replaced by pinch-runner Relaford. Correct Entries: 93%.

Q: On 4 October 1999, the Mets played a one-game playoff in Cincinnati for the right to play the Diamondbacks in the NLDS. The Mets won 5-0 on a two-hit shutout by Al Leiter. Who started the game for the Reds?

A: Steve Parris. Here's the boxscore. Correct Entries: 95%.

Q: What was the announced attendance at Shea Stadium for Gary Carter's first ever game with the Mets?

A: 46,781, on 4/9/1985. Correct Entries: 95%.

Q: Derek Bell made one pitching appearance with the Mets, during which he allowed five runs on three walks, two singles, and one double. Who hit the double?

A: Kory DeHaan. Here's the boxscore. Correct Entries: 95%.