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New York Mets Daily Farm System Report - 6/9/11: The DJ Duda show isn't enough

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*All results from games played on Wednesday, June 8th 2011

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AAA - Buffalo Bisons (26-35)_______________________________________


The Duda had another fine outing, smacking two doubles to lead the Bisons offense.  DJ Carrasco was exceptional, allowing only three baserunners while striking out eight in seven innings of work.  Unfortunately for them, the rest of the team seemed content to sit back and watch them do their thing instead of contributing in any meaningful way leading to the 1-0 loss. 

AA - Binghamton Mets (19-38)_____________________________________


Tobi Stoner was solid if unspectacular, and that was enough for Binghamton to get the win.  Bubba Bell stole second in the sixth inning and was driven in by Eddie Kunz Allen Dykstra to put the Mets ahead for good.  Nice to see the B-Mets snap their all too familiar losing streak...they have way to much talent to be losing two out of every three.

Hi-A St. Lucie Mets (31-28)________________________________________


Matt Harvey did what Matt Harvey has been doing all year, striking out 9 and walking none.  As usual, the St. Lucie offense did enough to support the pitching and remained in the lead of their division.  Nice to see den Dekker taking a few walks in this one, as that's the only part of his game that really seems to be missing.

Star of the Night 

It's nice to see several guys have really good nights at the same time, but it has to be Carrasco for me.  Three baserunners and an 8-1 K/BB ratio is fantastic, hopefully he's back in the big pen soon.  Matt Harvey and the Duda get hat tips as well.

Goat of the Night
Tough call here as well, but the entire Bisons offense outside of the Duda really should get the horns tonight.  It always hurts to see a great start like that go to waste.