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Thursday Morning Applesauce: Leaky roof, Leakier bullpen, Must be the walk year

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Mike Pelfrey was good.  The Bullpen was bad.  All told, it added up to a Mets loss in leaky Miller Park last night.  The walk year phenomenon extended his hit streak to 12 games, while the gift that keeps on giving compliments of Omar Minaya reached 23 AB's without a hit.

After hosting an international soccer friendly earlier this week, The Mets announced that they'd be inviting some well known clubs to join them this summer.  How fitting that one of the two clubs selected by the Mets may actually have a history of scandals and corruption that makes the Mets look like a well run PR machine.

Day 2 of the Mets draft featured a bunch of college arms.  Alex looked at a few of them here.  Scouting Director Chad McDonald adds some scouting here.

ESPN is beating the drums of their "Citifield is the problem" campaign again.  Interesting piece, but does anyone really think this is going to be Alderson's priority this winter?  I think Adam Rubin just wants to build his new lobby where the Mo Zone currently resides.

Andy Martino notes that Jose Reyes has been "clutch" this year.  Naturally the MSM can't fathom that it's due to him being a generally good player, it must be due to the fact that he's in his walk year.  There's also some sentiment that his value to the fans is growing to the point that trading him may be frowned upon (imagine that), and the chart at the end of the article provides an interesting look at his ranks offensively this year.

Some local papers did little write ups about day three draftee's Eddie Rohan and Tyson Seng.  I'm sure we'll see more of these types of articles in the coming days.

Around MLB:

The Red Sox finally overtook the Yankees after a less than torrid start to the season.  In a pretty pointless article about Mark Texiera''s general toughness we get a fantastic picture.

TSN named some draft winners and losers (far to prematurely).  It's nice to finally see the Mets not mentioned in thiese types of articles as opposed to being clear losers.  Jonathon Mayo limits his list to strictly the "winners".

Jason Bay isn't the only truly awful looking contract signed in the winter of 2009.  Fangraphs takes a look at just how much longer we can expect to see Chone Figgins starting for the Mariners.  While we're looking at non-Met bad roster moves, here's a look at the Uggla trade so far.

Finally, ESPN takes a little look at former Met top pick Phil Humber.  It's nice to see Humber finally looking like a major leaguer.