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This Week In SNY, Featuring Reyes' Eyebrows, Nolan Ryan's Capri Sun, And An SNY Twitter Debacle

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A few days late but who cares! Let's get to it.

Sunday, June 19th

Let's check in with Eamon! Kevin Burkhardt had the day off and his replacement was someone named Eamon McAnaney. According to the Internet, McAnaney played lacrosse at Notre Dame, has worked in sports television production since the mid 1990s for various outlets and moonlights as a shouter on late night SNY programming. Here he is in action:


Sitting down during a report? That's poor, Eamon, that's poor. And it looks as if the SPF on Eamon's sunscreen wasn't high enough. Fair Irish-American skin can't handle three hours in the sun.

Tuesday, June 21st

Jose Reyes's eyebrows are highly stylized:


Who is that dude on the left? Mark Himmelstein?

Keith Hernandez provided our favorite GKR one-liner of the season:

If he [Josh Outman] walks [Ruben] Tejada, he should be shot... I don't mean that literally.

SNY debuted its new "Tweet To Win" contest, and unsurprisingly it was a debacle. The premise is that Kevin Burkhardt tweets a question during the game pertaining to an earlier report from the broadcast. The first person to correctly answer the question, by responding to the SNY Twitter account, wins a prize, in this case a $50 gift certificate to rough-and-tumble McFadden's at Citi Field. Here is a timeline of the events surrounding the inaugural contest. First, the initial question:


Simple enough. Kevin reported that it was a "reggae" video, even if it was more likely a "reggaeton" video. Regardless, the question was about what was reported, not reality. Here was the first person to answer:


"Raggae". Not a word. Definitely not the correct answer, unless Final Jeopardy! spelling rules were in play. This was not a particularly challenging word -- contestants were not trying to spell "Thaddeus Kosciuszko". We suggested rejecting it and moving on to the next responder. SNY disagreed:


Notice the correct spelling in the congratulatory tweet. Conspiracy! Attica! Naturally, Internet paladins gave SNY the business about @Bob_Espo's obvious error. Here was the SNY response:


If only SNY misspelled "there" as "their". Look, if you're going to hold a contest in which the prize is $50 in jello shots and quesadillas, the least you can do is award the prize to a true winner. TWIS has much expertise in social media matters and is offering its services for the next contest gratis, to make sure it is run smoothly and without any further damage to SNY's online reputation.

Thursday, June 23rd

Apparently an infant joined the booth on Thursday afternoon:

Maybe it was Saul Katz baby, back for some more crying:


Video via the usually NSFW Barstool Sports.

Friday, June 24th

The Nolan Ryan-George Bush pairing has been shown plenty of times on-air during Rangers games. That alone is not intriguing. But a closer look reveals something new. What is that drink in front of Nolan Ryan?:


Is that a Capri Sun, the frustrating-to-open children's drink from elementary school?


We say yes, mainly because the image of Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan fumbling around with the Capri Sun straw is amusing. It looks like the beverage was successfully manipulated and Ryan enjoyed a tasty refreshment on a hot Arlington night.

The cast of Point Break 2, sadly sans Swayze, took in a ballgame:


Here is Ron Darling's very hip explanation of "The Claw", the Mets' hand motion whenever a player reaches base:

Shine the light on me, cause I'm stylin'!

Finally, we'll close with a game of "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others":


That's all for now. Send any tips or suggestions to