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Trade-Rod Applesauce: Frankie Rodriguez Dealt to Milwaukee, All Star Recap, Wright To Start Rehab Friday in PSL

Frankie Rodriguez will take his tight-wire act and $17.5 million vesting option to Milwaukee. Fair thee well, Frankie.
Frankie Rodriguez will take his tight-wire act and $17.5 million vesting option to Milwaukee. Fair thee well, Frankie.

Tuesday night was the Major League Baseball All-Star game, but what happened on the field was usurped by what the Mets did off of it after the game. In late breaking news, Francisco Rodriguez was dealt to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for two players to be named later. The Mets will also send cash considerations to Milwaukee, hopefully in an effort to receive better prospects in return whenever those PTBNL's are named. All in all, a solid deal for the Mets in that they won't have to worry about his pricey $17.5 million vesting option anymore.

Apparently, there was an All-Star game last night and the National League won 5-1 to clinch home field advantage in the World Series and stretch their streak to a modest two consecutive All-Star game victories. The lone Mets representative Carlos Beltran started at DH and went 1-2 with the first hit of the night for the National League, setting up Prince Fielder's go-ahead three run home run.

Speaking of the All-Star game, Bud Selig says that the chances are good that Citi Field will get the 2013 edition of the midsummer classic. Selig also mentioned that there are no significant obstacles remaining for David Einhorn in his bid to become minority Mets owner. All they need is for both sides to agree to a final deal, which should happen within the next month.

Good news everyone! David Wright will likely begin a rehab assignment in Port St. Lucie on Friday. Just in time for him to come back and ruin all of the Mets' positive chemistry, amirite? Sigh.

Here's one thing the Mets won't be getting in the near future: a minor league baseball team on Long Island. The Nassau County voters awarded the Atlantic League the chance to build a stadium near the Nassau Coliseum over the Mets, who tossed in a late bid.

Local television ratings for Mets games are sagging, falling 29 percent from where they were at this time a year ago. That's certainly not good news for the Wilpons.

Happy Jose Reyes is happy, even with his recent hamstring malady.

Ted Berg presents his Half Season in Tweets. The snark level is off the charts and makes for a good laugh.

And finally, Gary Carter plans to continue coaching at Palm Beach Atlantic University next season. We're rooting for you, Kid!

Around the Majors

Bud Selig had his big All Star day press conference bash on Tuesday. Highlights include Derek Jeter (vomit), a no-update update on realignment, stuff that he wants to say about Frank McCourt but can't, why it's really a good idea for the All Star game to determine home-field advantage in the World Series (yikes) and the prospect of limited expansion of instant replay. That last one seems kind of interesting.

How heartwarming! Robby Cano's daddy threw him batting practice and Robby won the whole thing. Isn't that sweet? Speaking of the Yankees, here's what Derek Jeter is doing over the All Star break. Wasn't sure if I should use the word "what" or "who" there. Regardless, did I mention that he's a lucky guy?

Protestors will be lined up outside of Chase Field to tell you all about Arizona's famed immigration law that I know little about. I know, I know: No politics.

The Dodgers acquired Juan Rivera from the Blue Jays in exchange for a player to be name later or cash. Then, they cut Marcus Thames who is seemingly the same player as Juan Rivera. Yup, Ned Coletti sure knows what he's doing.

Finally, Jim Riggleman will interview for a scouting position with the San Francisco Giants next week. No word on if he'll abruptly walk out of the interview midway through.