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Mets Daily Farm System Report 7/13: Short Edition

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*All results from games played on Tuesday, July 12th 2011

The Kingsport and GCL Mets were the only two squads to take the field last night. (Savannah was scheduled and rained out.) Here's your brief look.

Applachian League (R)- Kingsport Mets (8-12)_______________________________________
KINGSPORT 2, DANVILLE 8 (Box) Kingsport was enjoying a lead-off single when SS Chad Zurber was beaned and removed from play. Best of luck, friend. A free pass was issued to load the bases, and a Gregory Pron single chased a pair home. That was the early lead and the only scores from the Mets. Danville broke in the third, pounding a run-scoring double and stealing home when our catcher, I imagine, tried to nab the man sliding into second. In the fourth the Braves homered; in the sixth they singled and walked and that sort of thing, for three runs. All together a poor start from SP Akeel Morris, despite his intriguing birthplace* and five K's.

Gulf Coast League (R)- GCL Mets (10-5)_______________________________________

GCL ASTROS 17, GCL METS 11 (Box) SP Eric Beaulac surely threw his worst game since little league, walking four of the first five batters before turning over the game (in the first inning) to reliever Craig Missigman, who neatly plunked the next two. From there things got bad. The Astros followed a two-run single with a three-run homer, and when the merciful third out came all of ten runs had scored. It took a minute to swallow that. But when the Mets felt ready, they hit back hard (in a low-minors, error-assisted way), knocking out eleven runs of their own. Frankly impressive, if not enough. Thirty-two hits in this game -- and six errors, all on the enemy side.

Beaming Star of the Night

Lacking a name prospect to gloat about, I bestow the morning's honors -- sweepingly -- on the position players of GCL. Each collected at least one hit (except Gomez, no matter) and while their opponents were kicking balls around they fielded true. Nice showing in a very deep hole.

Stinking Goat of the Night

A couple of pitchers on the Gulf Coast. Games so bad you almost forgive them.

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