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Mets Trade Francisco Rodriguez to Brewers

I didn't write the nickname once in my time here, but so long, K-Rod.
I didn't write the nickname once in my time here, but so long, K-Rod.

The New York Mets have traded Francisco Rodriguez and cash to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for two players to be named later.

With the vesting option in his contract, it was expected that the Mets would trade Rodriguez sooner than later, but right after the All Star Game is sooner than anyone probably expected.

Look for Bobby Parnell to take over as the Mets' closer. Earlier today, I gave Rodriguez an "A" for his performance in the first half, and apparently the Brewers thought along those lines, too.

It'll be interesting to see just how much cash the Mets send to the Brewers and who the two players to be named later turn out to be. Whatever the case, the Mets just made their bullpen a whole lot more cost-efficient. For a team with an uncertain financial situation, this is a good thing. Here's hoping Taylor Buchholz gets well soon to take Frankie's roster spot in the bullpen.


From the sound of it, the Mets will be covering the rest of Frankie's 2011 salary which amounts to approximately $5M, leaving the Brewers on the hook for either his buyout this winter or the $17.5M vest.

"We thank Frankie for his contributions to the Mets and wish him well with the Brewers", Sandy Alderson said in a press release, which was sent out at 12:05 am. "This trade allows us to develop and more fully utilize other members of our 2011 bullpen and offers some payroll relief as well."

Apparently the Brewers have provided the Mets with a list of prospects that they've made available. For the record, the Brewers farm system is extremely limited so the pickings are slim for Mets evaluators. There is some talent there but don't expect any true impact players in return. But make no mistake, more than anything  this was a divestment of an asset which is losing value with each passing day.