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Welcome To Amazin' Avenue

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Thanks to Francisco Rodriguez and Justin Timberlake, we've seen a lot of new visitors today so I just wanted to take a moment to welcome you all to Amazin' Avenue. A lot of you probably won't bother to stick around, especially if you found us while randomly scouring the Internet for Timberlake news. However, a lot of you are actual Mets fans so here's a quick AA primer to get you acclimated.

As fans we're fortunate to have a lot of really great Mets resources on the Web, but we do things a little differently here. We cover breaking news, of course, and we have plenty of traditional Mets coverage if that's what you're looking for. We also have editorials, analyses, and polemics covering topics as wide-ranging as roster management and game recaps to Citi Field concessions and the incredible faces R.A. Dickey makes when he pitches.

Every morning we feature minor league coverage to keep you up to speed on the development of future Mets, as well as a comprehensive summary of all of the Mets news and relevant blog links for that day, saving you the trouble of finding all of that great Mets content yourself. Throughout the day we'll bring you the best original Mets writing and statistical analysis available anywhere, and when it's time for the Mets to take the field, come hang out in our game thread and share in the triumphs and the tragedies with your fellow fans. We have nested and automatically refreshing comments so it's just like having a conversation with a hundred of your closest friends.

In between all of that we have weekly contests, exclusive interviews, ingenious Photoshop creations, plus a unique blogging platform that lets you contribute to the community by writing your own articles (FanPosts) or posting images, links, and videos from around the Web (FanShots).

Above all else, we do what we do because we love this game and we love the Mets. We'd also love for you to come and be a part of it with us.

Here are some helpful links:

Still not enough? Well, we wrote a book, the Amazin' Avenue Annual, so maybe pick up a copy of that.

That ought to get you started on your way to becoming totally immersed in Amazin' Avenue. Stick around and enjoy yourself, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Respect the community and it will respect you back.