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Follow Amazin' Avenue On Twitter

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Wait, you're on Twitter? So are we! Small world!

Our main Twitter account is @AmazinAvenue, which I operate personally but which also includes links to every new post on Amazin' Avenue, so if you can only follow one AA feed, follow that one.

A peek at the masthead at the foot of this page — or a cursory glance through a few days worth of posts — and it should be obvious that we have a lot of writers here. You can follow all of our writers in one shot via the Amazin' Avenue Crew list, or you can pick-and-choose who to follow.


Matthew Artus — @matthewartus
Matthew Callan — @scratchbomb
James Kannengieser — @jameskann
Chris McShane — @chrismcshane
Sam Page — @samtpage
Bill Petti — @BillPetti
Eno Sarris — @enosarris


Jeffrey Paternostro — @jeffpaternostro
Steve Schmidt — @SchmidtXC
Steve Schreiber — @_mistermet