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Friday Morning Applesauce: More K-Rod Reaction And Beltran Rumors, AL MVP Talk, Clemens Gets To Walk

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With no Mets game again last night, it was once again a bit of a slow news day (at least new news) for the Metsies. We'll start with a little more reaction to the K-Rod trade. The Post has some comments from some players about the situation and what it means for the team going forward. R.A. Dickey apparently was not surprised that K-Rod was moved, which makes it all that much stranger to me that he failed to get his no trade list into the team. For what it's worth, K-Rod handled the media well last night in Denver.

Metstradamus has a little laugh at the K-Rod no trade list situation. When's the last time we can remember the Mets benefiting from a failure to follow through on contractual details? Either way, we're looking at a new closer situation to start the second half of the season. While most expect it to be a closer by committee approach, Patrick Flood makes a case against using Bobby Parnell in that role.

With the trade of K-Rod and Sandy Alderson's recent comments about wanting to keep Reyes, Carlos Beltran is almost sure to be the big storyline for the next two weeks. Here's a take on what teams might be in on him at the deadline. You might also want to include the Red Sox on that list if JD Drew continues to struggle.

Keith Law released his midseason top 50 prospect list. The list is insider only, but Toby Hyde posted the most relevant part to Mets fans. Another guy that may make this list someday is supplemental first rounder Michael Fulmer, whom the Mets signed to an above slot deal which we learned the specifics of yesterday. While it's been known for a while that we had an agreement with him, it's nice to see we're not letting guys go over a few hundred thousand dollars.

Around MLB:

The Marlins had a wild 9th inning last night to defeat the Cubs 6-3. That ups their winning streak to 6 in a row. Those Marlins sure are streaky this year.

The Rangers are also on a tear lately, beating the Mariners by a 5-0 scoreline last night. That's 8 straight for Texas.

FanGraphs takes a look at some of the more interesting story lines they'll be following in the second half of the season. This follows up the article they did making a crystal clear case for the AL MVP. Unfortunately for the Jays, the real MVP may be on the shelf for a while.

What promised to be one of the uglier and media frenzied stories of the summer ended suddenly (at least for now) when the Roger Clemens case ended in a mistrial.