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Amazin' Avenue Mets Ticket Swap Meet: Games of July 15th - July 21st

  1. For each homestand, we'll post a thread in which you can offer to buy/sell/donate your extra tickets to one another.
  2. You are responsible for exchanging information with one another. We accept no responsibility for your transactions.
  3. Tickets can only be offered at FACE VALUE OR LOWER. We can't be any clearer about this.
  4. Don't hijack the thread. Limit discussion to ticket/game exchanges only.

Here are the games for this swap meet:

Date Time Opponent
Friday, 7/15 7:10pm Phillies
Saturday, 7/16 4:10pm Phillies
Sunday, 7/17 1:10pm Phillies
Monday, 7/18 (Makeup of 5/17 ppd.) 7:10pm Marlins
Tuesday, 7/19 7:10pm Cardinals
Wednesday, 7/20 7:10pm Cardinals
Tuesday, 7/21 12:10pm Cardinals

Comments, questions, or suggestions, please let us know.