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Sunday Morning Applesauce: Hairston fills in admirably for the selfishly sick Beltran

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The Mets rebounded from their poor showing Friday with a big 11-2 win over Cole Hamels and the Phillies.  Jon Niese was again exceptional for the Mets, anyone who had any doubts before the season started should have rethought those by now.  Here's a few video highlights from the game, I especially love the dropped pop up and triple from an unknown player.  They close out the series tonight as Mike Pelfrey takes on Kyle Kendrick in the rubber match.

The NY media began their "closer watch" yesterday.  Bobby Parnell appears to be the front runner now after he went through the heart of the Phillies order in the 8th inning of a blowout.  Terry Collins was certainly happy. Not everyone in NY is happy that K-Rod was traded though.

On the injury front, David Wright doubled in his first rehab start in St. Lucie.  Hopefully he'll be back with the big club shortly.  Jose took batting practice yesterday, and will be running at full speed prior to today's game.  Don't rush this too much Jose, make sure you're healthy.

Despite being labeled "sellers", the Mets are still adding to their roster as shown by the signing of Gustavo Chacin.  They also added Niuman Romero on a minor league deal.

Despite struggling in the field lately, Terry Collins doesn't have too many concerns about Ruben Tejada's glove.

Around the NL East:

Fangraphs takes a look at Jeffrey Loria after the Marlins announced they will be closing the Upper Deck permanently. 

Chris Hatcher made it back to the big leagues as a reliever after breaking in as a catcher in the Marlins 13-3 win.  That's a first in baseball.

The Braves lost some ground to the Mets in the Wild Card race as the Nationals beat them 5-2.

Around MLB:

K-Rod earned the win in Colorado following a Rickie Weeks HR.  Good thing that vest is gone.

Chris Hatcher made it back to the big leagues as a reliever after breaking in as a catcher.  That's a first in baseball.

Ozzie Guillen rants are often pointless but humorous, but this idea of his actually makes a lot of sense.  

Beyond the Box Score takes a look at Carlos Santana, who was a trade deadline acquisition several years ago for a far inferior bat to Carlos Beltran.

The Mariners celebrated the 10th anniversary of their 116 win season by dropping their 8th in a row.  The Rangers managed to extend their ML best win streak to 10 in that contest.