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#blamebay Applesauce: Bay makes us sick, Beltran is still sick, Ubaldo on the Yanks would be sick

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#selfishbay doesn't come down with the flu this weekend.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
#selfishbay doesn't come down with the flu this weekend. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
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Meet the Mets

Hey, isn't it great that we missed Halladay and Lee this weekend? I mean, this line-up should be able to handle Kyle Kendrick and Vance Worley. Well, that's why they don't play the game on paper, or some other announcer cliche. Yes, the Mets still managed to lose two of three to the Phillies, so I guess the sky is falling again. Jason Bay was little help in that regard, but if it makes you feel better there is no way you are madder at him than he is. And, hey, you might get more Scott Hairston, instead. Are you happy now?

In what is fast becoming the longest and most regular applesauce feature, it's injury update time! David Wright played another rehab game in St. Lucie. The Mets hope to have him back on Friday for the Marlins series in Miami. #selfishbeltran is going to miss another game with the flu. This is probably all a scheme to keep his trade value down so he can remain a Met. But if he doesn't remain a Met, what they will get back depends on how much salary they want to eat.

Jose Reyes will be on Coney Island today if you want to see him on his rehab stint. But act fast, because Terry Collins thinks he will be back Tuesday. Mets pitching prospect Jeurys Familia heads to the AA DL, with a 'shoulder impingement.' Well, I am sure everything will be fine, because they've handled this so well from the start. 

The New York Times has a piece on new Mets 'closer' and Woodside native Pedro Beato. I am still a Parnell guy. 

The Marlins are coming to New York today, but they are not happy about it. Having that many people in a baseball stadium is disorienting to them. 


Around the NL East

Marlins do not lobby for robot umps. 

Freddie Freeman and the Braves walked off against the Nationals. Tom Gorzellany hopes to be walking in time for his next start.

This is probably one of the first years that Chase Utley isn't the Phillies MVP, so of course the press is calling him the team MVP. Any argument that states prominently that it 'isn't about stats,' is going to be well-reasoned and worthy of my attention.

Around MLB

Hey, if you are tired of Mets trade rumors, here's a Yankees one, which I am sure will be discussed ad nauseum for the next week. You can follow all the hot 'traid the core' action right here.

The Rangers continue to run away from the rest of the AL West

Daniel Hudson went the distance and won his tenth for the D'backs, as he continues to have an under the radar great year.

Jim Thome hit his 596th home run as the Twins beat the Royals.

Smallball aficionados everywhere got a little moist during the Giants/Padres game.

More extra inning baseball as the Pirates somehow keep winning baseball games. Why can't we play in the NL central?

Even more extra inning baseball, as the Red Sox downed the Rays shortly before Applesauce went to press. 16 innings is nice and all, fellas, but you have to get into the twenties and get a position player on the mound before you get top billing in 'Around MLB.'

The A's honored MC Hammer as part of 80s day. I would make a joke here about MC Hammer selling 50 million records worldwide, but I am fairly certain I owned the "Can't Touch This" cassingle at some point in my misspent youth.