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Zzzzzz Applesauce: Mets lose snoozer, Reyes wakes up early, Ortiz and Gregg can sleep in

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Meet the Mets

The Mets played a make-up game last night against the...oh, sorry nodded off for a second there. Let's try this again. Despite starting Clay Hensley, the Marlins won what might have been the most boring game of baseball ever played. The Mets were held to just three hits, and scored on a Jason Bay sac fly in the ninth. And that was about it.

Looks like that Mets minor league stadium on Long Island is not going to happen. The B-Mets are free to continue driving me nuts.

Jose Reyes will be back in action today, probably, after an afternoon rehab game in Brooklyn. On Carlos Beltran, the magic 8 ball says "Ask Again Later." In the ol' confirming the obvious division, last night showed this is a much better team with those two in the line-up.  Though Beltran might not be long for the line-up as the Mets seem willing to cover all his salary in a trade. Which gives me an excuse to do an off the cuff trade proposal

To Boston: OF Carlos Beltran + cash considerations

To New York: C Ryan Lavarnway, OF Che Hsuan Lin, and P Chris Balcom- Miller

Scott Hairston makes his Applesauce injury report debut, as he is day to day. Not day to day is Fernando Martinez, who will be taking up his reserved booth at Cafe DL. The waitress already knows his order by heart. 

At Roosevelt Avenue Rant, Gerald Schiffman takes an interesting look at how well the Mets have turned stolen bases into runs this year.

Toby Hyde reminisces about new minor league signee and future BrooklynVegan columnist, Fernando Perez. Hipster jokes aside, I have no problem basing our minor league signees on their ability to articulate cogent opinions on indy rock, as it means I might have a future as a ROOGY.

Using a complicated SABR-formula, the Mets are a top 10 team in baseball. MONEYBALL WORKS EVERYONE!


Around the NL East

Jason Heyward was scratched from the line-up in Colorado with a foot issue. From the DL, Chipper Jones seethes at the rook' for not playing through the pain. The Braves won without him, behind a three RBI game from Freddie Freeman

BTBS takes a closer look at the Braves first 10,000 wins in graphical form. Not pictured, me stomping off to my room after Kenny Rogers walked in the winning run in the 1999 NLCS.

The Nationals used a ninth inning rally to surge past the Houston Astros.

The Cubs beat the Phils after Roy Halladay left the game with heat exhaustion. He does not expect to miss another start.  

Around MLB

Sports Illustrated handicaps the Cy Young races. Normally I would take the chalk, but I think CC's gaudy win total finally banks one this year in the AL.

Speaking of AL baseball, who wants to watch a 4 hour 5-4 game with 16 walks? And I thought the Mets game was bad. At least it was short. Well, at least I know not to tune into Mike'd Up today. Of course, I don't turn into Mike'd Up every day, so there won't to change anything in my day planner

J.J. Hardy passed a physical, so his three year extension is now official.

Fangraphs thinks the Pirates should target Hunter Pence. I just mention this to remind everyone that Pittsburgh is in a playoff race, in case you want to stock up on canned goods.

Rangers president and Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan was hospitalized for some tests related to his heart condition, but everything seems to be okay.

David Ortiz and Kevin Gregg began serving their suspensions stemming from their donneybrook ten days ago. I really have no opinion on this other then to express pleasure that it gave me the opportunity to use 'donneybrook' in a sentence. The two teams matched up again, and the Sox won a slugfest, though one with batted balls rather than fists.

I refuse to believe this is real. I am skirting up against the 'no politix' rule here, so let's keep it to his crazy baseball opinions. Which are crazy.