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You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone Applesauce: Beltran and Reyes mean wins, Thole and Paulino mean passed balls, Pirates just mean business

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Lather. Rinse. Repeat.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Lather. Rinse. Repeat. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets

The Mets line-up today looked more like the line-up of an actual professional baseball team and that was enough to dispatch Kyle Lohse and the Cardinals. Reyes and Beltran returned to the team, and were predictably awesome. Of course, selfish Beltran was only awesome because scouts were watching him.

Dillon Gee won his ninth game, and "Gee Whiz" takes a commanding lead for most overused headline this year.

To make room for Reyes on the roster, Ruben Tejada was sent back to Buffaloand then he wasn't. He should end up back there tomorrow, though. Maybe this means less Luis Hernandez clogging up my minors box scores from now on. Not the worst trade off.

Jason Isringhausen got the save, because he is a proven closer, and because it made life easier for the Mets beat writers.

Ike Davis apparently lied to a bunch of children, and is going to try and make it back this year. This is the biggest non-story I have ever covered in Applesauce. 

Day Two of 'Shin Watch,' the much less interesting sequel to 'Hamstring Watch.'

Patrick Flood talks Josh Thole's defense. For reference, you can see the full BTBS catcher defensive ratings here. I think they confirm what we all know, that Paulino and Thole aren't exactly Johnny Bench. I can't be too hard on Josh Thole, though, as he just had a kid. Congrats, Josh.

David Wright is fast making his case for FSL MVP. Of course, he is repeating the league, since he hit .270/.369/.459 there in 2003.

The Phillies are interested in more than just Carlos Beltran. I know teams don't like to trade in-division, but I would probably have to trade Byrdak and Hairston for Trevor May and Jarrod Cosart. It would be a sacrifice, but I'd do it.

I would also trade Carlos Beltran for Dominic Brown. The difference, Jon Heyman, is that my trade proposals were clearly fictitious. 

Ted Berg talks to Will Leitch, formerly of Deadspin, now of NY Mag. He looks uncomfortably like a McPoyle now. Leitch, not Berg.


Around the NL East

The Braves are apparently in on Beltran as well. I guess they think he can play CF, or maybe they will stick him in left. Jon Heyman thinks the Mets can get Julio Teheran for him.

The Phillies may trade for a bunch of people, too. The more teams in on Beltran, the higher the price ends up. So good luck to all the bidders.

Marc Hulet of fangraphs takes a look back at the NL East Preseason Top 10 prospect lists. I make a cameo appearance in the comment thread. Robert Carson? Come on now.

In baseball action, the Braves fell to Ubaldo and the Rox.

Tim Stauffer and the Pads blanked the Marlins 4-0.

The Cubs pen coughed it up against the Phillies, wasting a perfectly good start by Matt Garza.

And Houston held off a comeback attempt by the Nationals to win a 7-6 squeaker.

Around MLB

Break up the Pirates. Seriously.

Man, those Central divisions are terrible. With the Tigers' win they move 6 over .500 and into a tie for first.

The Rangers ran their win streak to 12 as Alexei Ogando shut out the Angels.

Once upon a time Mets prospect Jeff Keppinger got dealt from the Astros to the Giants for a couple of live arms. Sosa interested me as a potential third piece in a Beltran deal. The Astros called up top prospect Jose Altuve to replace him, making Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein very excited. The Giants seem to be realizing that having an actual offense is preferable, as they also recalled Brandon Belt and he struck the big blow against the Dodgers.

The Rays avenged last night's tough loss to the Yankees and evened their series at a game a piece.

The Blue Jays are all set to retire Roberto Alomar's number.