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Thursday Morning Applesauce: Walk Off Win, Not Trading Reyes, Some Love For Beltran

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Willie Harris lobby the Yankees to come get him
Willie Harris lobby the Yankees to come get him

Last night the Mets managed to win in walk off fashion. This all came despite Carlos Beltran selfishly killing a potential winning rally with a two run homer in the 5th. It wasn't the prettiest game R.A. Dickey has ever thrown, but it was enough to lift the Mets back over .500. Josh Thole returned to the lineup and had a nice game as well.

BDMF (why did I just think of the wallet I had in junior high?) started an interesting little discussion on the merits of trading Mike Pelfrey here a few days ago. Patrick Flood has his own take on trading Big Pelf today.

This is a sentiment I wish more Mets fans shared. Terry Collins loves him too. While he'll never be universally loved around NY, I wish fans would just accept that he was a truly amazin' baseball player during his time here. 

While Beltran and his potential trade will likely dominate the internets for the next several weeks, the Mets appear to have lost any interest in traiding Reyes.

Reports several months ago that Mets ownership had finalized its deal with David Einhorn appear now to have been a little premature. Here's a little update on the situation.

This is a couple of days old, but I didn't see it linked anywhere else on the site. Andy McCullough spent the all star break in Wyoming doing an interview with Mets first rounder Brandon Nimmo. In other Mets draft news, AJ Reed appears to be heading to college instead of taking the Mets offer.

Unlike the Jerrybot, Terry Collins seems to understand how to manage an injured player. According to Collins, the Mets will be cautious with Reyes after his hamstring injury. No more vest of doom and smart injury managment all in the same month? That's poor new Mets front office...that's poor.

Around the NL East:

The Phillies are good (yuck), the Cubs are not. That tends to lead to games like they played last night.

Martin Prado did his best Bill Buckner impression, allowing the Rockies to beat the Braves last night 3-2. It was all over the Internet yesterday that the Braves are close to adding Jonny Gomes.

It wasn't a good night for Ricky Nolasco or the Marlins. The fish got pounded 14-3 by the Padres.

Washington lost in 11 to the Astros to help them improve their draft position even further.

Around MLB:

Think a ML starter could go 8 innings without throwing anything but his fastball? It almost happened.

The Tigers may not be in on Beltran after all...It's sad when acquiring Wilson Betemit might actually be enough to push them over the top in that division.

Colorado is likely not trading Ubaldo Jiminez after anyone here really surprised? I'm sure the MSM will still be in a frenzy over the idea of him to the Yankees though.

If you're planning on watching the HOF induction this Sunday, here is some info from

FanGraphs takes a look at a name that might start to appear in trade rumors soon. I'm sure Keith would leap at the opportunity to report on any trade involving him.