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Mets Player Performance Meter, Week 14

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Coming out of the All Star break without Frankie Rodriguez, the Mets dropped two of three games to the Phillies over the weekend and then got back on the right track with a pair of exciting wins agains the Cardinals. Their odds of making the playoffs are still slim at best, which means these may be Carlos Beltran's last days as a Met. The team entered their game this afternoon one game over .500.

All stats below run from July 15 through July 20.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Manny Acosta The Acostalypse made one appearance in a low-leverage situation and got through his inning of work without issue.
Jason Bay, LF After showing some modest signs of baseball life, Bay has gone right back to craptacular.
Pedro Beato, RP Three walks, no strikeouts in three appearances, but he did make Albert Pujols look silly at the plate last night.
Carlos Beltran, RF Before and after his 104-degree fever, Beltran hit .556/.714/1.444. Sure it's only three games, but wow.
Taylor Buchholz, RP Same as last week, no updates.
Tim Byrdak, RP The Bird allowed three unearned runs and didn't strike anyone out over three appearances.
Chris Capuano, SP One unspectacular start, but he did throw 7.2 innings, giving the bullpen some rest. He also kept the Mets in the game.
D.J. Carrasco, RP At least he wasn't a disaster in the two games in which he pitched. No strikeouts, no walks. Does this bullpen strike anyone out?
Ike Davis, 1B It sounds more and more like we'll have to like Ike in 2012.
R.A. Dickey, SP Based only on pitching, Dickey may have gotten the down arrow, but he made up for one of his four-run starts by producing with the bat last night.
Lucas Duda The Dude may never hit another major league home run, but he did put up a 1.314 OPS this week thanks to a pair of doubles, a triple, and six walks.
Dillon Gee, SP Gee's lone start was classic early-season Gee. With only two strikeouts, he threw seven innings and allowed only two runs to the Cardinals.
Scott Hairston, OF In nine trips to the plate, Hairston raked: .444/.444/1.000. Most of the damage came against the scoundrels from Philadelphia.
Willie Harris, OF In six plate appearances, .500/.667/.500. That's the smallest of samples, but by Harris' standards that's a good week.
Ryota Igarashi Called up after Francisco Rodriguez was jettisoned, Igarashi was actually good. That may not last long.
Jason Isringhausen, RP All of a sudden, Izzy's a strikeout machine, and he picked up his first save in three years.
Daniel Murphy, 2B The Irish Hammer continues to hit, this week posting a slash line of .346/.393/,615. Not that it matters, but if there were still a second base competition, he'd be winning it.
Jon Niese, SP The team's best starter has the best start of the week, giving up only one earned run over seven innings while striking out six hated Phillies.
Angel Pagan, CF Pagan was destined for the red arrow until his walk-off home run last night, which was awesome.
Bobby Parnell, RP Plenty of strikeouts, but he was damn lucky to get out of bases-loaded one out jam with Albert Pujols at the plate.
Ronny Paulino A quiet week that was neither good nor bad for the lefty-masher, who saw more right-handed pitching when Josh Thole missed a night for the birth of his son.
Mike Pelfrey, SP Pelfrey being Pelfrey.
Jason Pridie, CF Two walks, two strikeouts, and nothing else. Not bad.
Jose Reyes, SS It was only ten plate appearances, but he only had a pair of singles.
Ruben Tejada Now back in Buffalo, Tejada was not hitting at all as of late.
Josh Thole, C He didn't play or hit much, but his game-tying single was a big one
Justin Turner, 2B Turner's barely been hitting for a while now.
David Wright, 3B Tomorrow, tomorrow, you're only a day away.