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Oh no LoMo Applesauce: Mets fall in Miami, Trade rumors heat up, and score one for TrueSABR

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Should have hit a three run homer #unclutch  (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
Should have hit a three run homer #unclutch (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
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Meet the Mets 

The Mets ended their fun in the sun with a bad sunburn and watered down drinks, as the Marlins came back Sunday to take the game and the series. Despite a three hit day and go ahead homer from Florida State League All-Star David Wright, the Mets pen couldn't hold on. And despite the prominent presence of Manny Acosta, it was Bobby Parnell who took the loss, as Captain Fastball turned into Ensign Slider. Angel Pagan left the game with dehydration, helpfully reminding us all that Jason Pridie is still on the team.

Jose Reyes played and went 2-5, as Terry Collins opted not to horrify us with Justin Turner at SS. I guess it could have been Fernando Tatis? Or Daniel Murphy. He doesn't have a position, so you can play him anywhere. That's how that works, right?

Maybe Terry Collins was working too hard on his Post-Beltran remarks to consider major line-up changes.

Speaking of, your TRAID rumor rundown:

Carlos Beltran wants to stay in the NL. (even though the Rangers are interested)

The Giants would prefer BJ Upton. (but they are the most serious suitor?)

The Phillies might be out.

This is the list of seven teams Beltran will take a trade to, maybe. (sorry Pirates)

Expect this to be all out of date and useless by noon.

As first reported by Adam Rubin, David Wright is good at baseballing.

Johan Santana threw a bullpen. Next stop, rehab start? Maybe not.

Good news on Gary Carter. is pretending we are still in a playoff race, also can't quite figure out proper Dickey entendre. From the article, here is a clip of Dickey talking while wearing a Jazzercise headband.


Around the NL East

The Phillies beat the Padres again, as Roy Halladay continues to be boringly consistent. Soon the Phils should have Oswalt and Placido Polanco back. Excuse me, NL All-Star Placido Polanco.

Atlanta lost to Cincy, helping to make the NL Central even more of a giant cluster.

And the Nationals lost in LA as Chad Billingsley tossed a gem. Much more importantly, we will miss an epic Wang/Dickey match-up by one game it appears.

Around MLB

The Hall of Fame inductions were Sunday, and Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven and Pat Gillick all went in. Enjoy this one, because things are about to get pear-shaped. Blyleven, of course, was a victory for TrueSABR (and Rich Lederer). Meanwhile, at ESPN, Christina Kahrl looks at other 80s stars who have a case. 

In on field-action, the Pirates continue to make a mockery of everything I know about baseball. That's a three way tie in the Central now, folks.

Uber-Prospect Mike Trout hit his first home run in an Angels win. Hmm, looks like Jeremy Guthrie is threatening the dreaded 20 loss season.

Madison Bumgarner outdueled Yovanni Gallardo as the Giants topped the Brew Crew.

After getting sent down to the minors earlier this year, Brett Cecil looks to be on his way back.

Tim Wakefield won his 199th and Seattle lost their 15th straight.

The Sweet Spot blog takes a look at the recent histroy of deadline deals.