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I thought we traded K-Rod Applesauce: Izzy should be renamed Mr. Excitement, Applesauce should be renamed Piratesauce

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Meet the Mets

We had to suffer through an exciting endgame, but the Mets bullpen held on for a 4-2 win. The Mets rode a four run seventh backed by clean-up hitter Daniel Murphy's two run double. Daniel Murphy also did this, probably because he doesn't have a position.

Angel Pagan underwent some tests as he has been fatigued for about a week. Insert jokes about Mets training staff and Pagan having the bubonic plague or something. Also note in the article that it looks like Lucas Duda will be Beltran's heir apparent in right field. 

To save time and sanity, I will now just link directly to MLB Trade Rumors daily Beltran update. Have at it, folks.

Shortly after officially signing sandwich pick Michael Fulmer, it looks like the Mets are close to a deal with first round pick Brandon Nimmo. Get those Finding Nimmo MS Paintz ready.

You can tell Binghamton hasn't won too much this year, as our prospects don't know how to celebrate properly.

Johan Santana might have a rehab start at some point. Maybe.

Ted Berg takes an interesting approach to the whole Jose Reyes thing. While I think his argument is valid, it is comparing apples to oranges a little bit.

And Adam Rubin takes a look back at the Carlos Beltran signing in 2005. Ah, the youthful naive days before he became the lobbier he is today.

Around the NL East

The Padres broke a ten game losing streak against the Phillies with a 5-4 win. They were helped out by the always exciting steal of home. And Ryan Howard's 'defense.'

The Nationals trade rumors are not quite as titillating as the Mets

The Marlins new stadium will be much nicer than, probably about as well attended as, the old one.

Around MLB

The Pirates begin their toughest stretch of the year with seven on the road against the Braves and Pirates. So of course, James McDonald shuts down the Braves offense en route to a 3-1 victory. They also have Pedro Alvarez back at 3B, so nothing can stop them now. Least of all regularly starting Brandon Wood.

The Cowboys defeated the Vikings 20-6. Har har. But seriously, that's a lot of runs. The top third of the Rangers order went 9-16 with 6 runs and 9 RBIs, and Endy Chavez upped his season line to .336/.367/.519.

Jason Kipnis' first major league hit was a doozy.

Another day, another Mariners loss. Sunrise, sunset. #6org 4 lyfe.

In other 1st round draftee news, Trevor Bauer has signed with the Diamondbacks, and Sam Page's new favorite pitching prospect, Sonny Gray, is close to a deal with the As. Interesting that they are going to start him in AA. Gray is very polished, but that is an ambitious assignment if they intend to keep him as a starter.

Fangraphs think the Astros should TRAID TEH CORE.

Over at Beyond the Box Score, AA's own Bill Petti takes a look at how the 2011 free agent class is doing. Also at BTBS, Chris Jaffe has some franchise record fun facts.