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Post-Beltran Applesauce: Beltran traded to San Fran, Mets win anyway

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Yesterday was a big day if you're a Mets fan, so we'll start off by getting right into the topic everybody is going to be talking about today.  Mike Pelfrey had an excellent showing as the Mets defeated the Reds 8-2.  Lucas Duda homered in his first start as the everyday right fielder in this one, here's hoping his power starts to show as he gets to play everyday in the same role.

As for other news yesterday, you may have heard that we traded Carlos Beltran to San Francisco.  While I'm sure we can expect a bunch of reflection to appear today on Betran's six and a half seasons as a Met, yesterday was focused more on the players involved in the deal.  ESPN, though, was quick to realize just how valuable Beltran was to the Mets, even citing WAR in their piece.

As far as the expected return goes, Patrick Flood took a look at what we could expect for a 2 month rental of Beltran here.  After coming to the conclusion that we'd likely not get a players as highly rated as Wheeler, most of the reaction to the deal we heard yesterday was positive.  ESPN seems to love the job Alderson is doing, and Howard Megdal has good things to say as well.  Nathaniel Stoltz seems to think it's risky for both sides, but outside of a certain "writer" we all know it's the closest thing to negative reaction I've seen so far from the Mets perspective.

McCovey Chronicles had a hilarious take on what Alderson's calls on Beltran must have gone like.  It's no day in the life of Brian Stokes, but what is?

As far as what we actually got in return for Beltran, Zack Wheeler appears to be the only guy.  Alex did a little look at him yesterday here.  I've got three brief mentions from Sickels.  The first will go all the way back to the 2009 draft.  Next we'll look at his top 20 prior to this season.  Finally we'll look at his midseason top 20 review from this week.

I also thought these two reports from scouting the sally would be fun to watch.  First, we have a game report from last August.  Next we'll have a more general report from just prior to the season.  

In other Mets prospect news, Scouting the Sally did a nice report on Cory Vaughn.  While I'm less skeptical than they are about Vaughn's power, it's certainly a very fair assessment.

Around the NL East:

Beltran's new team was so inspired by his mere presence on the roster that they defeated the Phillies in Philly by a score of 2-1.  Let's hope their dominance of the bad guys continues.

Atlanta managed a 2-1 walkoff win in the 10th inning last night.  They also acquired backup catcher Wil Nieves from the Brewers.  

The Marlins defeated the Nationals 7-5.  

Around MLB:

In the biggest news of the day on the actual field, the Angels Ervin Santana tossed a no hitter against the Indians.  Maybe that's why Carlos didn't want to go there.

The Blue Jays were active yesterday, making two trades that ended up with Colby Rasmus in Canada.  These deals are just further reinforcement that Alex Anthopoulos is really good at his job.

Fangraphs takes a look at the odds against the Mariner's losing streak.  Let's just say that runs of poor form like that are fairly improbable.  

BTB did a nice interview with Bill Petti.  If you have any interest at all in advanced statistics, this is worth a read.