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I take back every bad thing I ever said about Jason Bay Applesauce: In which we discuss miracle comebacks, injured butts, and ugly jerseys

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Meet the Mets

Things went bad for the Mets this weekend, getting swept three straight at home against the hated crosstown Yankees after future Hall of Fame closer Mariano Rivera shut the door in a 2-1 vic...wait, what?

*puts down double shack*

*deletes lede* 

Let's try that again. The Mets staged an improbable two-out comeback against Mariano Rivera, and then in the tenth, Jason Bay delivered their first real walkoff win of the season. This was easily one of the most satisfying series losses of the year for the Metropolitans. Plus, they got back to .500, which, as anyone will tell you, is very important

When not dispensing wisdom, R.A. Dickey was pitching well. At least until he had to leave the game early with some tightness in his rear. Everyone took this very seriously, though, and didn't make jokes about it. He should be fine to make his next start. (n.b. link has outstanding Dickey face) 

It's good news all around on the injury front as Jose Reyes only has a Grade 1 strain of his hamstring. Reyes thinks he will be ready to play on Tuesday in LA. Terry Collins is taking a more cautious stance

Hopefully Reyes will be healthy in time for the all-star game since he was voted in as the NL's starting shortstop. We did it everyone! Selfishly, Carlos Beltran will be horning in on Reyes' spotlight, as NL manager Bruce Bochy named him as a reserve OF. Note, this is totally not a scheme to kidnap Beltran and convince him to waive his no-trade clause to join the Giants. I can only imagine the process would involve Brian Sabean taking Beltran's RBIs and smashing them on the table, one by one, in front of him. 

Carlos Beltran's selfishness is also infecting the Mets locker room. He is history's greatest monster.

Jason Bay thinks yesterday's game winner was his biggest hit as a Met. I don't know. There are so many to choose from. 

Citi Field set an attendance record this weekend. Phew, now the Wilpons will be able to extend Reyes to a longterm contract fuel up their yacht for the summer.

Scott Kazmir will pick a team to sign with in the coming days. The Mets don't seem to be high on the list. Look, if you really want a former Mets prospect who throws in the mid-80s, this guy has been doing pretty well.


Around the NL East

The Braves lost in the best possible way, with Chipper kvetching about balls and strikes. Here's some video to savor.

Andrew McCutchen made a statement after getting left off the all-star team, and the Pirates drubbed Washington.

Toronto spotted Cliff Lee 4 runs. No biggie


Around MLB

In news first reported in this Applesauce, the all-star rosters were released. Which means it is time for baseball fans second favorite pastime, talking about all-star snubs. McCutchen not even making the voting for the final spot is ridiculous. Zobrist should have made it, too. But why are we still arguing about this?

And of course, it wouldn't be an all-star game without a ridiculously ugly jersey to purchase.

In on-field action, the Astros stated their case for LOLpen of the year, walking in the winning run against Boston, after issuing an intentional walk to load the bases. 

The Royals offense exploded against the Rockies. The humidor must have been broken, since Jeff Francouer went 3-6.

The Tampa Bay Rays won again and might be the fourth best team in baseball. They also might be sitting at home in October

Some shortstop of note played a rehab game in Trenton or something

The Tigers fired their pitching coach, in what ESPN termed, a "relatively surprising move." Obviously, no one in Bristol watched the Mets/Tigers series. Of course, they did do it after the team beat the Giants and all-star Ryan Vogelsong.

And your injury round-up: Ryan Dempster will miss his next start with a stomach virus, Carlos Gonzalez left the game against the Royals after doing this, and Fausto Carmona heads to the DL.