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Up Past My Bedtime Applesauce: Mets doublin' up, Capuano cashin' in, Frenzel signin' on

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Double your pleasure, double your fun...with Doublemurph gum   (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Double your pleasure, double your fun...with Doublemurph gum (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets

The Metsies keep the good times rolling out on the West Coast, unleashing a string of doubles to beat the Dodgers in Los Angeles. If momentum is the next day's starting pitcher, Chris Capuano did a pretty good job keeping the ol mo' moving in the right direction. And for that, he will be rewarded. Jason Bay made a nice catch while slamming into the wall, at least this time he was able to laugh about it afterwards.

Wright and Santana cross paths in Florida. In other injury news, hammy watch enters day 3.

So Jose Reyes will get Carl Crawford money? But that's not what Fred Wilpon said. I am confused.

Even Don Mattingly is making jokes about it being Reyes' contract year.

Forgot to mention this yesterday, but the Mets have signed 7th round draft pick Cole Frenzel

Take our closer, please. Adam Rubin thinks we have a replacement ready. Ted Berg has his own poll on who should be the new relief ace.

The Mets beat on the Braves some more as Fear and Faith in Flushing's Happiest Recap series continues.

Around the NL East

Roy Halladay Vance Worley shut down the Marlins. I mean, it's the Marlins, but still. Ricky Nolasco took the hard luck loss for the Fish, who are eagerly awaiting Josh Johnson's return.

The Nats walked off on a wild pitch. It was not the weirdest walk-off of the night. That'll be a bit further down the page. They also promoted top prospect and part-time kissogram messenger Bryce Harper to Double A Harrsburg, skipping him over Advanced A ball. He was hitting .318/.423/.554 in the South Atlantic League. 

Freddie Freeman smashed a pair of home runs for the Braves in their win over the Rockies. 

Around MLB

Royals closer Aaron Crow gave Mets fans an acid flashback by balking in the winning run against the ChiSox. It looked pretty legit. (have mercy on yourself, and mute the clip before Hawk Harrelson starts speaking.)

Justin Bopp at Beyond the Boxscore has a neat graphical look at the AL All-Star starting line-up. What's that you say?

Shane Victorino and Paul Konerko have the early lead in the Final Vote for the all-star game. Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos. Mostly because he wasn't Shane Victorino.

Over at, you can also vote for the greatest moment in All-Star game history. The finals are down to Musial's game winning home run versus Ripkin's final All-Star Game. I am personally dismayed that Randy Johnson nearly beheading John Kruk got knocked out in round one.

Albert Pujols is more machine than man

Dontrelle Willis might be on his way back to the majors. He's actually been pretty solid at AAA this year.

Neat story in the Times about former Reds minor leaguer Josh Holden. (assuming you haven't already used up your free 25 articles for the month)

Our long national nightmare is over, Derek Jeter is back and grounding out again. The Yankees lost to the Tribe as Shelly Duncan and Austin Kearns paced an Indians comeback. In other true Yankee news, Mariano Rivera was unavailable due to some tricep soreness he felt after blowing his save against the Mets.