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Josh Thole Has a Deaf Pica Applesauce: Mets win fourth straight, Reyes heads to the DL, and important news about Ted Berg's shirt

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The Duda is not out of his element with two outs.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
The Duda is not out of his element with two outs. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
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Meet the Mets

The Mets won their fourth straight, beating the Dodgers 5-3 a hair after 1 AM EST this morning. The Mets again cashed in with two outs, scoring all five of their runs that way. It wasn't all fun and games, as lazy Beltran forgot to do the claw on his first of two doubles last night. I smell a kangaroo court. Sadly, only one more game with the Dodgers, so only one more game of Vin Scully telling me awesome things like how Josh Thole taught his dog sign language.

Hammy watch, Day 4, brings news that Jose Reyes is on his way to the DL. That means he would likely miss the all-star game and have to sit for the Phillies series. Nick Evans is on his way to LA, after having trouble boarding, because they couldn't find his name in the passenger registry.

Reyes may be DL-bound, but R.A. Dickey expects to make his start on Friday against the Giants. And Johan Santana will throw his third bullpen session sometime this morning.

Looks like the Mets and Jose Reyes' agents will be retiring to Camp David for top secret negotiations, according to the New York Post.

Sandy Alderson says the Mets will be taking it two weeks at a time, as they mull over what to do at the trade deadline.

Steve Slowinski of fangraphs breaks down Jason Bay's recent power surge, but he's a bit bearish on it sticking around. Marc Normandin comes to the same conclusion over at Roto Hardball.

Ted Berg was a maniac yesterday, writing about Taco Bell, bacon and Wily Mo Pena (his usual troika). But we should all watch his interview with Peter Gammons, and then make fun of his shirt.

Over at Minor League Ball, John Sickels takes a look at the the USA pitching staff for the Futures Game, featuring Matt Harvey. Keith Law also pegs Harvey as one to watch, while Harvey talks about the game here.


Around the NL East

The Marlins rallied and then stole one from the Phils in extras. How you ask? Well, someone decided it was a good idea to throw Mike Stanton a hanging breaking ball. The three fans in the bleachers were very excited.

The Braves keep winning, pounding the Rockies 9-1. The biggest barrier to the Mets contending is going to be that Braves pitching staff. Also doesn't help that Dan Uggla is heating up and that Martin Prado will be back soon. Jair Jurrjens picked up his NL-leading 12th win.

The Nationals beat the Cubbies 5-4. Danny Espinosa hit his 16th home run. Jason Werth's 0-4 dropped his batting average to .218.

Around MLB

Derek Jeter sits three hits from 3,000. I'm sure we will only hear about this another 3,000 times between now and when it finally happens. The Yanks lost, by the way.

The Reds blew an 8-run lead to the Cardinals, but rallied in the 13th for the win. Albert Pujols returned to the line-up for the Cards and went 1-6 with an RBI.

Tim Wakefield won his 198th game as the Red Sox took down the Blue Jays 6-4. He'll be getting plenty more starts as the Red Sox put John Lester on the DL with a strained lat.

In a game that finished even later than Mets/Dodgers, the Giants won in 14 on a Nate Schierholtz walk-off.

The Daily Dish takes a look at the biggest offseason bargains. Unsurprisingly, it's all cheap pitching, topped off by a familiar name to Mets fans.

Jury selection begins in the Roger Clemens trial. Because trying Bonds worked out so well for the federal government.