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This Week In SNY, Featuring Mose Schrute Murphy, A Balloon On The Field, And A Burkhardt-Led Bachelor Party

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This installment is abbreviated, mainly because TWIS was away from a television for much of the week.

Wednesday, June 29th

Daniel Murphy was sporting what Ron Darling called an "Abe Lincoln beard":


We think it's more Mose Schrute than Honest Abe:


Let's check in with Kevin! Some of Kevin's buddies made the trip to Detroit for their friend Smitty's bachelor party:


That's Smitty on the far left. They hung out at some Detroit landmarks, specifically:

  • the Comerica Park Miller Lite stand;
  • the Comerica Park Malibu Rum stand;
  • the Comerica Park funnel cake stand; and
  • the sight where Ron Artest went bananas on basketball fans that time.

After the game, at an ungodly hour of the night, Kevin reportedly lead a spirited rendition of Pink's "Raise Your Glass". So raise your glass if you are wrong -- in all the right ways!

Tigers outfielder Don Kelly came in to pitch at the end of the Mets' 16-9 drubbing of the Tigers.


Ron Darling provided a scouting report:

He’s got a nice sinking fastball, a cutter, a splitter occasionally. He really works both sides of the plate.

Additionally, some old baseball men in the stands charted his pitches:


Kelly induced Scott Hairston to pop-out, finally finishing the Mets off and recording a game finished. Tigers blogs had a collective conniption about Kelly's 2012 vesting option.

Somehow this has gone unnoticed by TWIS until now. Kevin Burkhardt lists "sci-fi nerd" in his Twitter bio:


This needs to be investigated. Is it sci-fi movies? Books? Is hard sci-fi the preference? So many questions. Also, can we get the man a "Verified" Twitter account? Almost 20,000 followers and nightly appearances on television warrants celebrity status.

Friday, July 1st

A balloon ran onto the field, briefly interrupting play of the game:


Nick Swisher bravely apprehended the balloon, ending the uprising:


At the end of the year, TWIS plans to compile a montage of "Chip Hale freaking out for one reason or another". Here he is after that blown call against the Yankees:


More accurately, the montage might be called "Chip Hale protecting Jose Reyes from ejection".

That's all for now. Send any tips or suggestions to