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Friday Morning Applesauce: Mets lose to LA, Michaels to the booth, Fans fail with Victorino

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Gee's down.
Gee's down.

The Mets finally lost to the Dodgers last night, falling by a score of 5-0. As Jeff pointed out yesterday, it also marks the last time this season that we'll hear Vin Scully doing play by play for a Mets game. Luckily for us, we'll be treated to another legendary broadcasting duo this evening as Al Michaels returns to the booth with Bob Costas to call the opener of the upcoming Mets-Giants series.

Matt Den Dekker had another big hit last night for the B-Mets, homering in their 10-4 victory. He's picked up the pace significantly in the last week or so, hopefully he continues to shine with the bat as well as in the field for the remainder of the season.

K-Rod believes Bobby Parnell would do just fine as the Mets closer if he's forced into the role due to a trade this season. I tend to think it would be a very up and down ride, but it's one I'm certainly willing to take if it frees up an additional 14 million dollars to put toward a certain shortstop next season. Rich Coutinho is calling for more late game situations for Parnell, believing that he and Beato are the key to the Mets season. Personally, I'd look no further than the health of Ike, David, and Jose if I'm trying to determine what will make or break this Mets team.

Here's a profile of the judge assigned to the Mets 1 billion dollar lawsuit. It seems like his assignment may be good news for the Wilpons, although it's hard to say with things like this. The Mets have officially asked him to dismiss the case already.

Finally someone in the NY media seems to think it may have been wise to hold on to Carlos Beltran this season. It's too bad none of them seem to be able to see beyond his contract and one AB in 2006 and simply appreciate watching him play baseball.

The David Einhorn deal may not be quite as close to being done as we have been hearing. Adam Rubin lobby that he may not officially become a minority owner until August.

Around the NL East:

The Braves managed a 6-3 win over the Rockies last night to complete their sweep. Next up for the Braves are the Phillies. The Phillies got another encouraging rehab stint from Brad Lidge.

Fangraphs takes a look at Jair Jurrjens success this season and tries to determine if he's that good or just a lucky SOB.

Shane Victorino was awarded the "final" spot in the NL All Star team. Clearly the voters were swayed by this.

The Nationals lost to the Cubs 10-9 last night. They managed to squander an 8 run lead in this one.  

The Marlins fared better than the Nats, holding on to the 5 run lead they managed to build.

Around MLB:

Former Red Sox manager Dick Williams died yesterday. He was a legendary figure around New England. The Rangers also had a very sad day, as a fan died while falling from the stands in Arlington. Apparently he was trying to catch a ball tossed into the stands by Josh Hamilton.  

Frank McCourt had another setback in his attempt to keep the Dodgers yesterday. He was denied access to some MLB files which he believed could help prove they were simply trying to kick him out of the club.

While the Dodgers and Mets finances are a mess, the state of Florida is making a lot of money on spring training. The All Star game also appears to be a big ticket item to host.

Finally, Roger Clemens jury selection is rolling on to a second day. Some potential jurors were dismissed for skeptical views of Congress. Jorge Posada was also surprised to hear he may be a witness.