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Yeah but the guy only did it for the $100,000 All-Star bonus in his contract

"I wish I had something to tell you why I took him over the guys others as much as what I saw what he did against us -- a switch-hitter with power. He’s having a great year, very deserving. I mean this guy is on pace to hit close to 30 home runs in a tough park to hit home runs in and have over 100 RBIs. I have tremendous respect for Beltran and what he’s done this year." Bruce Bochy via espn

Beltran selfishly forgets to do team gesticulation after hitting double

"I’m having fun. These guys are making me do things in the field that I have never done in my past -- like going like that [the claw motion.] My first double I didn’t do it. Three pitches after, I did it after that -- ‘Oh, man, I forgot about it.’ They all got on me and said I’ve got to do it." Beltran via espn

Messing with the media is Alderson’s business

"I'll give you a secret signal when the secret negotiations start." Alderson on the media labeled "secret negotiations" with Reye’s agents via espn

And business is good
"Even secretly. Even super-secretly." Alderson regarding if he would let he media know if there were negotiation ongoing, even secretly via espn

Wait for running test until the player is ready to run, seems odd but alright

"We've held off on the running test for a combination of reasons. One, we don't think Jose is ready to run. And secondly we wanted to wait for that second opinion, that second reading of the MRI." Alderson via espn

That’s some good coaching

"You either get your ass kicked or you don’t, but get on the mound and throw the baseball." Wathen to Parnell after his rehab stint via dailynews

Beltran teaching Tejada how to selfishly hustle

"Anything close you have to run to first base. It’s not a big deal. Sometimes things like that happen where you get caught up or don’t know where the ball is or don’t know how to react. At the same time my job is to let him know that’s not good." Beltran via espn


"Why they made interleague play is the rivalry stuff. But interleague play, for me, everybody in our division should play the Yankees twice if that’s the way it’s going to be. That’s a tough go for anybody, and a big challenge for any team to play these guys twice. It’s fun. Make no mistake about it. It’s exciting. It’s fun. But it’s not an exhibition. These stinkin’ games count. So when they change the rules so that everybody plays everybody else the same amount of times, then I’ll buy into interleague play." TC via espn

Jason Bay wants to be ‘that guy’

"You struggle and you struggle, and sometimes you doubt yourself. Then you have games like tonight and you remember you’re still the same guy. You are that guy. Sometimes I think you lose sight of that through an extended struggle. Like I’ve told you guys all along, I feel like I’m that same guy. It’s just trying to be him, trying to just get out there and just do the things that I’m doing. I’m not trying to do any more. … I just want to be me. And I feel like I’m getting there." Bay via espn

Canadian Smack Talk

"Now I feel like I’m being more of a hitter instead of a swinger." Bay via espn

Canadian Diagnosis

"Before the (next) game, I kind of felt a little groggy and had a headache, but I had ran into the wall the night before, so it was kind of to be expected." Bay via espn

I do have a ranking system and it begins and ends with that hit

"I don’t have a ranking system, but this feels like (my biggest hit as a Met) right now," Bay via espn

Jason Bay, Bad Ass

"I knew it. As the ball was going back, I looked at the fence, I looked at the ball and I was thinking, 'Dang, it's going to be close.' ... And then I'm thinking, 'But I ain't going to chicken out.' I'm not going to pull up and have this thing bounce a foot before the warning track because the fence might be there." It could have happened anywhere, but the fact that it happened here, I think it just adds to the insanity." Bay via espn

On a serious note, good on the Mets

"Last season with the Rockies, I experienced some depression and anxiety before returning from Tommy John surgery. I thought I had it under control, but recently, at the end of May of this year, the depression and anxiety began to resurface. After consulting with my doctor, I agreed to try different medications and it was recommended that I not pitch while I adjusted to the new medications. I am in regular contact with the Mets and have kept them informed of my progress. I am extremely grateful for the way the Mets have cared for me and my family." Taylor Buchholz via espn

"Taylor felt that it was important for his situation to be clarified. We did, too, to the extent that he's home resting with a strained shoulder, that doesn't really portray it as it is. He felt it was important. We felt at some point we need to disclose this. And, at the same time, he had become comfortable with the disclosure, which is a separate issue unto itself." Alderson via espn

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AA Quote of the Week

"As much as I hate Victorino, he is having a very good year and is definitely deserving of a spot." Balagast

"in hell." Ownbey4Mex

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