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Hairston Doesn't Fear the Beard Applesauce: Hairston Hits Go-Ahead Homer Off Wilson, Dickey Throws Solid Game, Unidentified Man Gets First Hit

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Lots of news on the docket this morning, but before we begin, let's just get the introductions out of the way now: I'm Steve and you might know me as mistermet. Hi there! Now, let's get to the news:

The Mets took game one of their series with the Giants by a score of 5-2. R.A. Dickey battled his injured glutius maximus to toss seven solid innings. Angel Pagan hit a two run homer to give the Mets their first lead in the 5th inning but Dickey allowed a game-tying homer to Nate Schierholtz soon thereafter. Even at two apiece heading into the top of the ninth, Scott Hairston came up and smacked a solo home run on Brian Wilson's 3-2 pitch to give the Mets the lead for good. Later that inning, they tacked on two more runs, with the scoring capped off by Nick Evans' first major league hit of the season. I know, I know...Who?

Game two of this series is on Saturday beginning at 9:05 PM and will feature Chris Capuano taking on two time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum.

On the Ike Davis front, the Mets got some encouraging news today. Ike ran on a special treadmill again and felt no pain in his ankle. Meanwhile, Scott Hairston took some grounders at first base in an effort to try to get him into the lineup as a lefty mashing first base option while Davis is still on the shelf. I feel like there's some guy who's already on the roster who does this and actually plays first base but who knows. I'm probably just hallucinating.

The internets are running rampant with Mets trade speculation. Joe Pawlikowski over at Fangraphs speculates whether Carlos Beltran could be a solution to the Mariners offensive woes. Ted Berg meanwhile blames praises Beltran.

I guess this doesn't count as trade speculation, necessarily but Francisco Rodriguez was apparently talking to Scott Boras before and after Thursday's game versus the Dodgers. I'm not sure what to make of this.

What will the Mets look like by the time Jose Reyes returns? My guess? They'll look like a baseball team. Let's see if I'm right. In NY Magazine, Will Leitch writes that the Mets are having their decisions made for them because of the injuries.

Jason Bay may not be hitting for much power but his other skills are making him somewhat useful.

Finally, Terry Collins gets some praise from his former bench coach and current Rays manager Joe Maddon.

Around the NL East

The Phillies and Braves squared off in Philly and the Phillies came out on top 3-2 in extra innings. With the Braves loss, the Mets picked up a game in the Wild Card standings and are now 6.5 games behind Atlanta.

Shane Victorino was placed on the 15 day DL by the Phillies before the game after jamming his thumb during his awkward fall on Sunday. He won't play in the All Star game and was replaced by Andre Ethier.

The Nats fell to the Rockies 3-2 and the Marlins beat the Astros 6-3 on Friday night.

Who has the best rotation in the majors? While the Phillies, Braves and Giants all have the sexy names, the Mets have Dickey. I think that ends that argument.

Around the Majors

The Quest for 3000 was halted on Friday as the Yankees and Rays were rained out. The game will be made up in September. Imagine how you'd feel if you spent upwards of $75 on tickets for this game. In other Yankees news, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez have pulled themselves out of the All-Star game on Tuesday because of "injuries". And yet, Carlos Beltran is still selfishly hoarding a spot on the NL roster. His selfishness knows no bounds, not to mention how soft he is (where's the sarcasm font when I need it?).

Speaking of the Rays, they certainly had some big free agents leave after last year but none of them comes close to their biggest free agent this offseason: General Manager Andrew Friedman, who might be wooed by new Astros owner Jim Crane to go home to Houston.

More Frank McCourt news for your enjoyment: The Dodgers fired ex-star first baseman Steve Garvey after he publicly stated his wishes to purchase the team multiple times. In the press conference of my dreams, McCourt said "Steve gotta understand this...for the past couple of months, Steve has lobby to buy the Dodgers. He has lobby myself, he has lobby Jamie."

The Red Sox ripped apart the Orioles on the scoreboard and then Kevin Gregg decided to mouth off to David Ortiz. Bad idea. That resulted in some late game fisticuffs between the two teams. For extra LULZ, watch the home plate umpire give the old "Oh, Hell no!" body language after running towards Ortiz and realizing that David Ortiz is a behemoth of a man.

In Anaheim, the Angels decided to call up 19 year old uber-prospect Mike Trout from Double A on Friday. The 2009 25th overall pick from Millville, NJ was smacking the ball around in Arkansas to the tune of a .330/.422/.544 triple slasher. This still feels like an Omar Minaya-esque panic move to me, but it didn't stop me from grabbing him off the waiver wire for my fantasy team.

I posted a link to a petition to get Vin Scully to announce the World Series a few weeks ago. Well now, the word's even gotten to Joe Buck himself, who also wants the legendary Scully to announce the World Series. You heard the man, Fox Sports...get on it! Hat tip to the Daily Stache, creator of the original petition.

Finally, The Verducci Effect speaks of the poor umpiring around the league, focusing on the hellish crew featuring Cowboy Joe West and Mets killer Angel Hernandez.