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E6 Applesauce: FA Rumors > Trade Rumors, Chicken Wings > No Chicken Wings, Jose Bautista > Elvis Andrus

I can't find any photos of yesterday's game, so here's a photo of R.A. Dickey. (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)
I can't find any photos of yesterday's game, so here's a photo of R.A. Dickey. (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets

Jon Niese pitched well enough to win, but a late error by Ruben Tejada let the Padres escape with a split of the four game series. Terry Collins is sticking by Tejada so he can learn now and not in 2012, and also because we have absolutely no other candidates to play SS. He is also done with speeches.

The Mets head to Arizona next to take on the first place Diamondbacks. Visit our friends at AZ Snake Pit to get the lowdown. 

While the clock may have expired on Jose Reyes trade rumors, we can still start speculating at Jose Reyes offseason free agent landing spots. /dry heaves into sink

Ed Kranepool saw another one of his team records fall as David Wright passed him in total bases with his fifth inning single.

Lucas Duda might be spending some time in the Instructional League this fall to get some work in at right field.

If you have been following Brandon Nimmo on twitter, well, you haven't really been following Brandon Nimmo on twitter. I do think its amusing that the story was broken by Michael Fulmer, though. He should lobby Adam for an investigative reporting position.

Ted Berg gives in to the inevitable. #blameshakeshack. He also has a battle of five o'clock shadows with Patrick Flood.

So just how good a fantasy baseball player has David Wright been?

Around the NL East

Despite the usual adventure from Carlos Marmol in the ninth, the Nationals lost their rubber game with the Cubs. Now the Nats will just have to wait and see if Strasmas comes this year or if they get a lump of coal in their stocking.

Bobby Cox is going to have his number retired by the Braves. Fredi Gonzalez will honor him by benching Jason Heyward again.

Around MLB

The Yankees beat the Angels 6-5, but I am sure that will be lost in the grousing about how Mariano is losing it.

Johnny Cueto outpitched Gustavo Chacin as the Reds downed the Rockies. Guess he stayed away from the chicken wings this time.

The Dbacks scored seven of their eight runs in the eighth, ninth, and tenth, and Chris Young's walkoff home run extended their lead in the NL West. Giants fans are taking it well. Flags fly forever, Grant. At least you have Carlos Beltran....

The Rays completed a four game sweep, but don't get too excited, it was just the Royals.

I chose to link this article for purely arbitrary reasons. 

The Hardball Times delves into the next frontier in pitcher analysis.

Beyond the Box Score takes a look at the most powerful hitters in baseball. #1 will not surprise you, neither will last place.