This Week in Mets Quotes

At least one player will be playing hard for a die hard

"It's just overwhelming. It's phenomenal. It's a dream come true. How can anybody express what their feelings are? It's above phenomenal. It's just unbelievable. We live here in Queens, he played the city (CHSAA) championship here in Queens, always wanted to play for the Mets. Nothing better than this." Mike Baxter’s father on his son’s Mets debut via dailynews

Duda’s getting there with the proper canned quotes

"I’ll play wherever -- right field or first base. I feel a little more comfortable at first. I’ve been playing there more often. Right field is a work in progress still, but anywhere that’s going to get me at-bats." Duda via espn

That’s all I needed as well

"I loved him. He was quiet, a left-handed hitter." Mike Baxter on his favorite Met, John Olerud via espn

So when do you do it, batting practice?

"I think I’m pretty good at bunting, because I do it a lot. I just never do it during the game." Duda via espn

Aging closer telling the rook to know his place

"If he’s scared of a lefty, then I understand. He looked good. He looked good running to first base looking back at the bunt, too. But that’s Lucas. It’s good to see him, like people say, coming out of his shell a little bit and having some fun. He’s going to be a heckuva player." Izzy via espn

Oh sounds like he already knows his place

"Well, if you can get [Duda] to talk, let me know. He’s a great guy -- the few words that I’ve gotten out of him. You root for those kinds of guys that come in, are maybe not to that extent quiet, but they’re seen and not heard and do the right thing." Wright via espn

The Acostalyspe begins

"A lot of blood." Acosta regarding the liner that tore his fingernail off via espn

Canadian smack talk

"As soon as I got the ball, I said, ‘Why?’ They said, ‘It’s your 200th home run.’ I was like, ‘I really had no idea.’ That’s the honest truth. Kind of cool, nonetheless." Bay via espn

Playing baseball – What Reyes do

"It is disappointing, frustrating at the same time, because I don’t want to get hurt. I want to be on the field doing what I do -- playing baseball. It is what it is. It’s something that just happened." Reyes via espn
My collection of Beltran, Wagner, Frankie, Bay and Ike bobbleheads says I still pick out the best promotions

"I’d always come. We’d come quite a bit. My family would take me. My aunt would take me every year. We’d pick out the best promotion and come. We were always coming to Shea." Baxter via espn

Key to not getting hurt: When they slide into you, make sure they sliding into you

"I drop my left knee down all the time, and I think the difference between when I drop my knee down and what (Murphy) did is he didn't get his knee all the way on the ground. "His knee was kind of up in limbo, so when he got slid into, that really wrenched his knee. When I put my knee down, my knee is on the ground, so when they slide into me, they're sliding into me -- my knee is not going to go anywhere." Turner via newsday

I get TC but don’t the guys beating themselves to death in upstate NY deserve a shot too

"There's a fine line in September call-ups. As we've talked in the last week, and it's been written by you guys about the position some of these players are in, they're trying to prove that they belong here. Do you sit those guys in September? I don't know if that's fair. They've been beating themselves to death here all summer long going through the good times, the bad times, all the turmoil and everything else. And now all of a sudden in September you tell them, 'Hey, look, I'm not going to play you anymore because I'm going to play somebody else?' There's a fine line there you've got to be careful of." TC via espn

Dog days of summer indeed

"(I) came in and sat down afterwards with Nick and Scotty and joked around like we felt like we literally just walked off a battle field with the heat and all the switching around and the grinding and the coming back and tying it up … it's tough, mentally and physically." Turner on the Murphy/Reyes injury game via espn

Really does sound like a battlefield

"All he was saying was, 'Get me off the field. That’s all he kept saying was, 'Get me off the field. Get me off the field." TC on Murphy via espn

Can’t wait till you retire

"Citi Field is a lot bigger than Shea; it doesn't affect me as much as it affects Wright and Bay and those guys. At Shea there was a jet stream out to right-center. I've seen David tattoo balls here that sometimes get caught that would have been home runs at Shea. It's funny to see those guys lace a ball off the wall and get to second base and look at me, like 'Damn!' It can be frustrating." Larry Jones via post

Oh I hate you so much

"Not the same atmosphere. The fans were right there on top of you. It's a little more laid-back now, the same thing in Atlanta. You can still yell at the fans. But you got to scream a lot louder." Larry Jones via dailynews

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"What happened to the regular guy? Lose the fancy prose.Fulmer makes his pro debut and you not only insult him with the Eddie Kunz comparison you go on to make him the goat of the night? You obviously never played the gane and know all your baseball from MLB the show. Give the blog back to somebody who understands the game." Jerseyguy6

AA Quote of the Week

"Hi Jerseyguy6. I’m an unpaid volunteer trying my best to give form to the many rows of box score numbers I’m meant to digest, featuring players few of heard of. You’ll only see my name twice a week, so please bear it." Pack Bringley

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