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This Week In SNY, Featuring Jason Bay's Haircut, The Kidcaster Contest, And Burkhardt Snubbing Seinfeld

Big news today as TWIS is rebranding as TWISNY. Pronounce it "twiz-knee" for short. Be sure to look for the TWISNY Annual (This Year In SNY) next March.

We'll cover the period from July 26th through August 6th in this installment.

Monday, July 25th

Let's check in with Kevin! The broadcast briefly turned into a television adaptation of The Outsiders:


From left to right, that's Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darry (played by Kevin), Dally, Johnnycake and Cherry. Stay gold, Kevin!

Tuesday, July 26th

TWISNY decided to drop by the SNY Studios on its walk home from work to say hello and deliver a concise message during the postgame show. That message? "TRAID":

To be clear, TWISNY was not advocating a TRAID of Ron Darling. He is one of our favorites. It was a more general message that many of the Mets' (and the world's) problems can be solved with a simple TRAID. Two days later, Carlos Beltran was sent to the San Francisco Giants and the powerful TRAID lobby was satiated.

Friday, July 29th

Here is a man who looks absolutely thrilled about his significant other's insistence on not paying a babysitter:


Or maybe the little slugger just hit a home run in his diaper.

Davey Johnson says bollocks to the SNY Smokers Quitline commercial:


We suppose it's different from smoking cigarettes but regardless, that is a big fat chaw of carcinogenic tobacco. Gross.

Monday, August 1st

Jason Bay provided a subtle hairstyle homage to Glenn Danzig and the Misfits after hitting a home run against the Marlins (via the great Can't Stop The Bleeding):


Compare to his alleged inspiration:


Tuesday, August 2nd

TWISNY was pleased to see Ron Darling sitting in what will be known as the "high chair" from now on, when the SNY Kidcaster Contest winner, 11 year-old Jacob Resnick, joined the booth:


We see you Keith. For the second year in a row, a Mets player homered while the kid was in the booth. Last year it was "Touch 'em all David, you deserve it!" for a David Wright longball, and this year it was "Reyes rips it, back it goes... and it's gone! A home run for Jose Reyes, and the Mets tie the game!" Here is the clip:

Celebrity Met fan Jerry Seinfeld has over 250,000 followers on Twitter, but follows just 22. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Steve Martin
2. Bill Cosby
3. "Twitterific"
4. Don Rickles
5. Chuck Martin
6. George Stephanopoulos
7. Ali Wentworth
8. Chris Rock
9. Mark Consuelos
10. Kelly Ripa
11. "Humblebrag"
12. Andy Cohen
13. Anderson Cooper
14. Eddie Izzard
15. Jason Alexander
16. Tom Papa
17. Jessica Seinfeld
18. Colin Quinn
19. Sarah Silverman
20. Alec Baldwin

(emphasis ours)

It appears the co-creator of an all-time top five television show is a fan of both lobbying and checking in with Kevin! Seinfeld attempted to reach out to Kevin:


First, Ojeda is on Twitter: @BobOjedaSNY, although he rarely tweets. Second, a look at Kevin's Twitter timeline shows that Seinfeld's question was snubbed:


Is Kevin big-timing Seinfeld? He had plenty of love for Stephen Collins, head honcho on 7th Heaven, but nothing for the star of the show about nothing. Perhaps Kevin never forgave Seinfeld for killing off George Costanza's fiance Susan Ross in the season seven finale. Hopefully there is more to come with this interaction and possible Twitter feud.

A special hat tip this week to DRaysBay, which was inspired to create its own version of TWISNY, "This Week In Sun Sports". Their tagline is terrific: "We're always watching".

That's all for now. Send any tips or suggestions to