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Mets Sign Brandon Nimmo For $2.1 million

According to Keith Law, the Mets squeaked in just before the midnight deadline to sign their first-round pick, Wyoming outfielder Brandon Nimmo, for $2.1 million, going over the $1.6 million bonus recommended by Major League Baseball for the #13 pick overall.

As recently as this afternoon, Ron Nimmo, Brandon's father, indicated that the two sides were still pretty far apart, and heading into the draft there were rumors that Nimmo was looking for a bonus in the $4 million range. The Mets held their ground, and despite going a half-million over slot they didn't do anything obviously crazy here.

For more on Nimmo, check out our scouting report on him from a couple of months ago. Right after he was drafted, Paul DePodesta said, "We felt there were only a few potential impact bats, and if we were going to get one of them, we had to take him up high."

In other deadline news, the Mets have also inked their third-round pick, Baylor RHP Logan Verrett, for $425,000, as well as 11th-round RHP Christian Montgomery, who signed for $250k. With these signings the Mets have successfully locked up their first twelve picks from June's amateur draft.