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This Week In SNY, Featuring Kevin Burkhardt On Vacation, Orosco In The Booth, And A Beltran Manicure

This Week In SNY has reached the acceptance stage of the Carlos Beltran mourning and is back to cover the period from July 15th through July 23rd. Let's go!

Friday, July 15th

One of TWIS's favorite recurring Gary, Keith and Ron moments is when a guest joins the broadcast and one of the trio, usually Keith or Ron, is forced to sit in the back of the booth. Such was the case when Jesse Orosco stopped by. Ron drew the short straw:


It's like being stuck at the kiddie table despite being in your 20s. Also, hat tip to GKR's camouflage polo shirts blending in to the background of the booth.

Here is Carlos Beltran in the dugout with a nail file, doing nothing to quash the vocal minority sentiments that he is a soft pretty boy:


Was he really felled with the flu that weekend? Or was it the disappointment of a poor manicure that kept him off the field?

Bespectacled Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog appeared on-air:


Here is a transcript of his spot:

Well, it's trade rumor season, which officially kicked off earlier this week when the Mets sent K-Rod to the Brewers. Now, I like the move but it started a whole debate about whether the Mets are now buyers or sellers. Personally, I want them to always try and get better, regardless of the standings. However, other fans just want to sell and get prospects. In either case, there'll be lots of trade rumors over the next few weeks. And you can keep up with all of them, all day, everyday, on presented by Verizon.

Saturday, July 16th

Fox had some trouble identifying the Mets' starting pitcher. Dillon Gee, Jon Niese -- what's the difference?:


Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

Monday, July 18th

Let's check in with Kevin! Actually, we can't, because Kevin was on vacation all week (a Disney Cruise with his family, according to Gary Cohen). Keith Hernandez didn't even realize SNY's sideline star was away:

Keith: By the way, I just realized something. Where's Kevin?

Gary: You're just realizing this?

Keith: Yeah!

Gary: It's the fourth game since the All Star break and you haven't noticed that he hasn't been around?

Keith: Well when I work up here I'm very focused on the game.

Gary: ::::laughter:::: You know the phrase "Let's check in with Kevin?!" [note: yes, we know it well!] You haven't noticed that I haven't said that?

Keith: Where is he?

Gary: He's on vacation.

Keith: Oh, good man!

We spoke to a league source who confirmed that Kevin's vacation was relaxing and his favorite part was the character breakfast, at which he met his favorite Disney characters, Chip & Dale.

Tuesday, July 19th

SNY transported us back to the Dead Ball Era by presenting Lance Berkman's league-leading .398 slugging percentage:


Some local hair celebrities were at the game. First up was Jewfro guy, who dominated the scene behind home plate:


Also spotted was Donald Trump autographing baseballs (for whom, exactly?):


Last was hair product pitchman Giuseppe Franco:


Actually, he wasn't at the game but whatever, it's Giuseppe Franco.

Thursday, July 21st

From Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner to Gary, Keith and Ron, Mets fans have been treated to some of the best broadcasters around. SNY displayed this colorful photo of the three original voices of the Mets:


Thankfully, there were no uniform powder blue polos for LBR. We might dress as Lindsey Nelson for Halloween.

We'll close with the beautiful Angel Pagan, who provided the play of the week. He picked up a single up the middle then threw a frozen rope to no one at first base, attempting to surprise Jon Jay, the batter-turned-runner:






That's all for now. Thank you to Rob Castellano for staying vigilant and providing some of this week's moments. We'll be back in a few days with another installment, covering last week's tomfoolery. Send any tips or suggestions to