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Bleeeeargh Applesauce: I hate the Phillies, I hate the Phillies, and I hate the Phillies

Meet the Mets

I'm sorry, was there a game yesterday? I was watching The Closer. No, not that closer.

In this game that totally didn't happen, Dillon Gee was terrible (his words, not mi...well, mine too.)

Good news everyone! Jose Reyes is set to begin a rehab stint in Binghamton on Thursday. 

Patrick Flood chats up Lucas Duda, who is just taking it one day of a time, giving one hundred percent, and god willing, maybe helping the team win some ballgames.

Amazin Avenue Annual contributor and itinerant Pitch F(x) guru garik16 gives us the data on Binghamton's pitchers from the Futures at Fenway game, and over at Beyond the Boxscore, takes a look at the luckiest pitches in baseball. And here is some extra Colin McHugh content as he stops by The Baseball Show.

Toby Hyde has some more scouting notes from his weekend in Florida

Ted Berg weighs in on Mike Pelfrey as closer, so does Howard Megdal. This apparently is a non-story we are going to be stuck with for a while.


Around the NL East

The Diamondbacks struggles against the NL East continue, as the Nationals downed them 4-1. And here's your Stephen Strasburg update for the week. Oh, and look, Ryan Zimmerman was player of the week last week. Hopefully that will be enough Nationals news to tide you over until 2012.

Jair Jurrjens shut down the Cubs offense. I hope he is proud of himself, beating up on their poor, defenseles bats.

Around MLB

Justin Verlander does Justin Verlander things. The best two pitchers in the AL this year also happen to lead the league in wins, I am sure the BBWAA will be very mature about this when they write their awards columns.

CJ Wilson blanked the Red Sox, while Mike Napoli struck the big blow of the game, a three run bomb. In unrelated news, Jeff Mathis is batting .176/.225/.254. And in related news, Jacoby Ellsbury should be back in the line-up today. Adjust your fantasy team accordingly.

The Cardinals' bullpen wasted a fine Chris Carpenter start, dropping their contest with the Dodgers 2-1.

Over at rotographs, they've been taking a look at the overperformers and underperformers relative to SIERA.

Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times takes an in-depth look at the Jim Hendry reign of terror in Chicago. Okay, that's probably a bit harsh. Now we will see if Andrew Freidman finds the crown lying on the ground and decides to pick it up. (and that's a horrible pun, Sun-Times)

Rob Neyer takes a look at Todd Helton's HoF candidacy. Personally. I'm going to need some convincing due to his stats away from Coors. fWAR is park-adjusted, though, and by that he compares favorably to Olerud and Keith right now, both guys I consider reasonable HoF choices.

This has nothing to do with baseball, but as a film geek, I found it amusing.