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Friday morning applesauce: Reyes rehabs, Irene is coming, Tejada's arm

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There wasn't a Mets game yesterday, so we'll lead off with what was probably the most important story in all of baseball. Ted Berg has it covered here....

In more game related news, the Mets are going to play host to the Atlanta Braves this weekend.  The incoming hurricane Irene could play a factor in this series.  It would be awfully nice if the club deals with this situation quickly so that fans aren't trying to get to a game that will inevitably be cancelled anyway.  Then again, Jeff Wilpon isn't really known for taking the fans into consideration in any decisions he makes.

Jose Reyes began his rehab assignment with Binghamton last night.  As he's getting close to a return, Andy Martino points out the obvious, that the club should be built around both Reyes and Wright going forward as opposed to just one of them.  No Traid...

Mike Puma writes up a story about the improvement in Ruben Tejada's arm.  It's easy to forget this kid just turned 21.

Howard Megdal takes a look at the Mets outfield - past, present, and future.  As always with Howard, this brings up some interesting points for debate.

Former Met Lenny Dykstra was arrested on charges of indecent exposure.  Apparently that's not what craigslist was intended for...

Around the NL East:

The Braves were one of the few teams out there with a baseball game to play.  They beat the Cubs 8-3 on the back of Brian McCann.

The Diamondbacks continue to try to prove Brian Sabean's team was a bit of a fluke last year, pounding the Nationals 8-1 as they continue to surprise out west.

The Phillies are going to have some interesting decisions to make come this winter.  One thing seems certain, Ruben Amaro won't likely make a bunch of shrewdly efficient ones.  One move they should make is to send "sarge" to the glue factory with his son.  For whatever reason though, the Philly press seems to think his antics are appropriate.

One Marlin fan gets a little defensive about criticism of Miami fans showing up to games (or lack thereof).  We understand, as I'm sure I'd rather be enjoying the scenery at south beach than watching a team I could pay with the spare change in my car as well.

Around MLB:

Barry Bonds had the appeal of this obstruction of justice conviction heard yesterday, but no decision was reached as of yet.

Fangraphs takes a closer look at the Kelly Johnson trade.  As always, it's an interesting read.

The Indians brought Jim Thome back to the place where he started his career.  It's nice to see the club buying as opposed to selling now.

The Red Sox beat the Rangers on the strength of two Adrian Gonzalez homers.  Always looking to one up them, the Yankees set a ML record with three grand slams in their win.

Joe Posnanski takes a look back at some of the best "crafty lefties" of all time.

Finally, BtB takes a closer look at platooning and Sergio Romo's slider.  Interesting stuff.