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Let's Win Two Applesauce: Dickey and Gorski and Gee, Oh my!

Dickey's knuckleball was so good, not even the sun could make solid contact. (Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images)
Dickey's knuckleball was so good, not even the sun could make solid contact. (Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images)
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Meet the Mets

Look, before we get to your precious 'baseball games,' let's get the important news out of the way first. St. Lucie LHP Darin Gorski was named the Florida State League Pitcher of the Year. 

Okay, now we can continue. 

The Mets continued to roar back towards mediocrity with a doubleheader sweep of the pesky Florida Marlins. Game one featured a fine performance from one Robert Allen Dickey, while Game two saw the struggling Dillon Gee bounce back with a nice start of his own. Unfortunately, no one told the clubhouse attendants that they were playing two games yesterday, so they had to wear their BP jerseys in game two. Yeesh.

The big story of the day would be the return of Jose Reyesback from his latest hamstring pull. To make room, the Mets sent down Mike Baxter, who I had forgotten was still on the roster. But they kept the guy with the broken toe, who can't currently run or play the field. Clearly a strong endorsement of the Queens native.

Mike Diaz was in Binghamton last week and brings us a scouting report on Robert Carson. I think he pretty much nails it. Though I do worry Carson might never really harness command of the raw stuff.

There is no more Tedquarters anymore. It has served it's ultimate purpose and ascended to a higher plane of existence.

I believe it is our solemn duty as AAers to spam the SB Nation NY Player of the Week poll in support of Nick Evans.

Around the NL East

Cole Hamels pitched well, and Shane Victorino hit a tie-breaking eighth inning home run as the Phillies beat the Reds. My sworn duty as Applesauce author prevents me from editorializing...oh wait, that is not really a thing that is true. 

The Nationals and Braves start a series tomorrow, so in lieu of actual news about the clubs, here's a funny headline. Oh, and your obligatory Strasmas update.

Around MLB

The Indians won to inch back above .500. In the AL Central, that means they are vaguely in a playoff race. It helped that the Royals drubbed the division leading Tigers, of course. The White Sox are also sort of in it, as Mark Buehrle keeps Mark Buehrling along. And I continue my streak of never spelling Buehrle correctly on the first attempt. I have finally gotten Mientkiewicz and Yastrzemski down at least.

The AL Central is not the only race that is kind of uninteresting this year. It is a baseball wide epidemic. The NL Central looked like it would be a very fun race as recently as a month ago. Now, not so much.

The NL West race might soon be over as well, as the Dbacks won their seventh straight behind a strong effort from Daniel Hudson, while Tim Linceum got roughed up against the Cubbies. Arizona is now five up on the Giants.

Time for some Yankees-Red Sox hype. This time it counts! The Yankees might be without A-Rod, who headed home early for an MRI. Good thing the Yankees won't be paying him gobs of cash through 2017.

This is a neat little toy from Mr. Petti that I will probably be playing around with for the foreseeable future.

And the Hardball Times takes a look at Jeff Mathis, the worst everyday player in baseball.